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Discussion in 'TLOPO News and Announcements' started by Marc Daggerhound, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Ahoy, mates!

    We’re back again this month with another update for you all! This one is quite a doozy, we think you’ll like it! It’s chock full of new content and some highly-requested bugfixes! You can get the full story on our release notes page.


    To start off, Team PvP is finally here! Form groups and face off against each other in the Pillager’s Pass!

    You can queue solo and be grouped up with random players, group up in a crew and face off against each other, or face off against another crew, in an epic Crew vs. Crew battle!

    This feature has been a long time coming, and we know how highly requested it’s been. We’re so happy to finally deliver!

    Next up on the docket is another community requested feature, boss loot. Boss loot should now properly reciprocate players for their time - strong bosses in Forsaken Shallows that require teamwork and time to defeat should drop something more than a few gold coins most of the time, savvy?

    So, what changes should you notice? A LOT more Loot Chests and Loot Skull Chests will be dropping from bosses now. This should help for those of you on the hunt for some special Legendary Cursed Blades… One note though, this does not affect item rarity rates. Nothing inside the containers has changed, only the rate at which the containers themselves drop.

    Other small additions include new weapons available in loot and new large sleeve tattoos for sale at Las Pulgas on Padres del Fuego.

    One last addition to take note of: new random bosses. We’ve added over 240 new bosses that will spawn unpredictably across the game. Most notably, for the first time ever, Ghost and Davy Jones Crew random bosses will spawn in Tormenta and on Raven's Cove.

    On the bugfix front, we have quite a few things. Bonus rewards and the Kudgel battle from the Raven’s Cove Story Quest are now fixed. And finally, after so long, some progress has been made on the voodoo doll audio bug! Thanks so much for your patience with this. We’re so happy to have a few fixes for this out, though there are a few instances where this pesky bug still shows itself again. We hope to have this bug fully squashed in the next release.

    We hope you all enjoy this update! For the full list of releases and fixes, check out the release notes page.
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    are all bosses affected by the new loot changes or only certain bosses? can we get some clarification please? Thank You
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