Any current active codes to redeem?


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Ahoy, Napalm!

As stated above by these two wonderful people, these are the three active codes in the game. However, seeing as Yuletide (Christmas, Hannukkah, etc.) are very big this Month, there could very well be more soon!


Title says it all, Im new and not too sure where to post this sowwy ;(
The three currently active codes all year long of 2019 are Scoundrel, Blackjack.

(and as right now for the Muertos Moon event in September the code Skullnade is out as well but it will only last from the 12th to the 15th)
So as of right now, it is the 18th of September and Code - SkullNade still works. it may last the remainder of the year or be deleted by the end of the month or Halloween, So if you have an alt keep an eye out for it to see if it can be redeemed.

I can now confirm that the code July had a 1.5k redeem limit and it no longer works.

New codes from the event earlier today are Superfizz, Flamingtaco, Purple, ( now these next ones are gender specific) ( Prince codes are for the guys and the Assassin ones are made for the girls.) NavyAssassin, RedAssassin, RedPrince, and finally NavyPrince. ( Just a head's up that all of the codes are now expired as I update this except for SuperFizz, FlamingTaco, and Purple.) have a good night! :)
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Codes as of the Kingshead meeting tonight were, if any still are able to be redeemed: superfizz, navyprince, redprince, navyassassin, redassassin (the latter two are female only, and the two before that are male only), purple, and flamingtaco.
I believe that was all.


Okay, I am back here again for some codes.
Halloween Code - Pumpkin. Gives you a pumpkin grenade with a stinkpot boost 2.
Codes from the gathering at KingsHead that are still active - Purple ( Purple Ostrich Hat) and FlamingTaco (Fire Admiral Hat).
Codes that are active all year - Scoundrel ( Scoundrel Buccaneer Hat) and Blackjack (200 Gold).

Kelly Blackdog

As of now Jan 31 2020 I used these codes and they worked:

SkullNade ~ grenades
Red ~ Red Candy Cane Sabre {rare}
Purple ~ Hat
FlamingTaco ~ Hat
Scoundrel ~ Hat
Blackjack ~ 200 gold
In addition to the codes you already mentioned here's a few others that still worked for me today:
Green - Green candy cane sabre
Dog - Canine Concoction
Pig - Pig Potion
Stump - Spirit of the Stump
Fair winds! :flag1:


As of March 20, 2020, these are the codes that work.
EDIT: also, as the comment below mine stated: "SERVERSGONEBATTY" works still as well
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