Any Empire Players On Ebon Hawk?


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Hey, guys! I recently got back into SWTOR and I've fallen in love with it once again. :p I am currently a Level 40 Sith Inquisitor on Hoth and I am not in a guild. If any of you play on Ebon Hawk and you're a player in the Empire, perhaps we could meet on a planet at a certain time! I do not have any of the story expansions yet (other than Rise of the Hutt Cartel which comes with my subscription), but I plan on getting Shadow of Revan for my birthday and using some of my money to buy Fallen Empire when it comes out on October 27th.

I will give you a very random screenshot I took on Quesh during the planet's main sidequest as a reminder that I am an unpredictable person. :D


Yes, my name is Primarius in the game. Yes, I am standing in front of Portho the Hutt's adviser in an attempt to inject some kind of weird adrenal into myself.


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All right, everyone, I have a meeting time and place! We'll meet at the Imperial Fleet today by the cantina at 6:00 PM Eastern time.
Remember, you must be on the server Ebon Hawk to be able to attend this gathering.

If you live in a different timezone from the US, please try to use the many clocks around the Internet to figure out the time as I am not too savvy with timezones outside of my couintry. :p

For Central timezone users, you'll come at 5:00 PM your side.
For Mountain timezone users, you'll come at 4:00 PM your side.
For Pacific timezone users, you'll come at 3:00 PM your side.
For Alaska timezone users, you'll come at 2:00 PM your side.
Lastly, for Hawaii timezone users, you'll come at 12:00 PM your side.

Sorry for the early times for the last timezones, but I tried to make it as balanced as possible for all US timezones.
And, like I said, I'm horrible with foreign timezones. :p
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Whoever comes to the event, remember my Sith Inquisitor's name is Primarius by the cantina on the Imperial Fleet. I will be casually walking around the cantina.


Notorious Pirate
Last call for people coming to the event! So far, no one has come and in 15 minutes, I will leave the fleet if nobody comes after that time has passed.


Level 25 Sith Assassin on Ebon Hawk.Haven't played in a while though.Got bore of the favoritism to Subscribers.

Jack Bluehawk

I just recently came back to game so im thinking of switching servers. All my characters are in Empire. i have -4 Sith Warriors (Lvl 60, 16, 1, 1)
-2 Sith Inquisitors (Lvl 60, 47) -2 Agents (Lvl 60, 25) -2 Bounty Hunters (Lvl 55, 1)


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I would love to join a guild of prior POTCO players, especially in the MMO I've been playing a lot of lately. Please let me know if this guild is still around! :D
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We moved from Jung Ma to Ebon Hawk and changed Ocean Gods name to Space Pirates. Fits better with Star wars. Would love to friend some of you so I can meet up for flashpoints and ops missions. I'm on both pub and imp. Let me know time and place to meet up.


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Hello fellow Hawks.

Judas Creek is kind of my name all over the place, so if you happen to run into a Smuggler by said name out and about the galaxy, accuse him of piracy.