Any tips on finding famed cursed blades?

I spend most of my time looking for famed items, cursed blade in particular. I already have ten famed items, but not one single one is a cursed.
Anyone got any advice?
Have you done the Ravens Cove quest? If so, try looting at Tormenta or Ravens Cove. these are the only places you can get any Cursed weapons.
just keep trying is all i can say i dont have any luck period anymore with famed
Yeah. I got a BOATLOAD of regular famed, (and yes i loot in Tormenta and sometimes the Mine) but I just can't seem to find any famed cursed. If finding famed cursed is this hard, I can only imagine how hard it is to find a legendary.... Yeah probably the best advice to keep trying.
i found a famed cutlass on island cangrejos. i wasn't looking for it i was just having fun throwing grenades at anything that moved! im not even sure what i blew up! i know it was a skeleton though;). ive also found a cursed rare cutlass at isla torment on a quiet server, and a rare blunderbuss from dark hart. hope that is helpful