Question Anyone from the old POTCO guilds "Rated ARRRRGH" or "Silent Night" playing TLOPO?

Are you saying that there is someone from one of those guilds I mentioned? Or that there is someone from a guild called Oh Holy Night?

The guild Silent Night didn't get its name from the Christmas carol title but was named because most of us played late at night and in the early days of POTCO the game world could be pretty quiet in the late night hours.
Proud Former Member of Rated Arrgh here. I remember you Tahoe, plus Arianna, and who could forget our gallant leader Thomas Tew? I also had then and have now recreated my own guild, Midnight Cannons, because I did most of my sailing at night due to my bartending job at the time.
Yep thats sort of how one of my old guilds Silent Night got its name, A few of us were on late night and it was pretty quiet in the pirate world back then.