PvP  Anyone Know How to Send a PvP to someone?

Jason Shipmonger

Honorable Pirate
Well yeah, I feel like a noob not knowing how, but can any one tell me or explain how?
Well yeah, I'm trying to pvp my friends, but I have to tell them to send the PvP to me, and I ask them to teach me how but they don't bother too, so can any one teach me?
Sorry if its in wrong section, couldn't find the section correct.

press L or open the seachest and hit lookout games and then hit pvp and invite BUT they have to be in the crew if u wanna pvp a diff crew click on the person and then go to crew battle or skirmish
Have to get in crew first and then press the lookout button "L" on keyboard. Then press pvp and then they all have to say yes to pvp.:fight:Hope this helps ;)