Anyone Seeing Weird Things Happening With Their Friend Lists?

Tahoe Wolf

Site Founder
I was on site last night when they shut down, Shortly before they shut down a friend commented that their player friends list was showing blank. I checked and mine was also showing a blank list as well. Today I've noticed this thing seems to go from Pirate friends to player friends back and forth with one or the other list showing blank. I also noticed when the player friend list does show up when I click on an online player friend and their card comes up its blank no pic or data on it. When a player friend whispers to me in game the chatbox shows their D name and not which pirate they are currently on. Anyone else having issues with these things today? I suspect that they are working on the directory.
I am having this same problem Red.
I am a bit nosey and when ppl come online and it shows just numbers as the player friend I always click the card to see who it is and well, it is not showing anything right now and it is driving me a little crazy. lol
My player friends were gone earlier ,and to be honest, i wasnt too worried. I been wanting to clean them up for ages lol but then i logged out and back in and when i did they were all back there again
Havent seen anything wrong on my pirate but it looks like its been affecting other pirates and still has yet to be fixed.
I have not been on yet since the last update but back when they did R.C. I had issues. I have also had issues on test which one time did wipe out my list which was cool with me cause it had issues where I could not delete anyone. The live list though came back to being okay after a day or so and it which had the same problem as my test was fixed so I could remove people. The friends list where it puts it on so that it effects all character and Disney games creates confusion because my daughter and I use the same account so every now and then I get hailed by a pirate that I have no idea who they are or worse yet..... echoes from the fairy world!
i definately have been having problems with that, it shows people as unknown, my friends are saying, why did you delete me? and yes, it is bringing up the directory name, instead of the pirate name, so is getting pretty confusing.