Question Are there any Whovians out there?


Pirate Apprentice
Well? I think that this topic is pretty self explanatory. I know that I'm one for sure!! :D (Of course I prefer the earlier seasons of the reboot than the newer ones and I've never seen the old show before.)

Kelly Blackdog

I’ve really enjoy the Dr. Who reboot! David Tennant is one of my favorites and awesome as The Doctor. I’ve watched up to the rebirth of the twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Haven’t been able to see any episodes with the 13th Doctor. A couple of my favorite episodes are season 3, ep 10 “Blink” (those weeping angels are so creepy) and season 4, eps 8 and 9 in “The Library” where they’re hunted by the vashta nerada. Such creative stories and writing! Haven’t seen any of the original seasons either.
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