As Red Beard Sees It

red beard

Pirate Apprentice
is it just me or have the invasions been more bloody in the last few days? having come away from the afternoon invasion on tortuga with a bulit hole in my hat.

the evening invasion on padres was even worse.
we had pirates down all over the beach. we almost got our tails wipped, i mean it was real close. but one thing i can tell you about wrath of ravens , is they never give up. after the smoke had cleared i said to our gm, raven trueheart ( who also lead the battle ), " now that was a very close call " and many other pirates saying the same thing. she replied " that's ok, they were getting too easy anyway ". now that's one tuff cookie in my book!:flag:
great taleand pics Red Beard....i too have noticed that Jolly is pressing harder on his invasions....i think we must be more vigilant and keep the fight on Jolly and his minions....if we become complacent then Jolly wins :D
The wrath of ravens sounds like a great guild i would love to meet one day if you see me pirate give me a holler and i would love to converse strategies and adventures
Fair Winds!