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Eliza Macmorgan

HELLO MY DEAR PUBLIC!!! If u are reading this it is your lucky day oh yeah!!! o_o Tonight I'm going to "give" autographs to all my followers and allow them to get near of me (with extra pay ) and take screenshots to share them with your friends XD. If nobody comes i will feel offended and cry until my lil eyes get dry... x_x and u don't want that.. right?.. if u do.. pls don't answer that . The autographs time event will be at 8:00 pm (central time) in Andoso Server - Tortuga at the dock.
why are all the answers yes lol... considering i just saw this thread, i guess im outta luck D:
EDIT (Mar 17, 2011 at 9:05 PM):
(and i love you for having the option to click every box :D)
I had one of these as well but when I saw all the people who lined up and looked at the fact that I only had 100 pens I decided to not do it.
I Cant Believe i Missed it!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH ARGH, im like Your Number One Fan!!!!​
................Like the time you made that Big Party on Abassa in Eliza's Show 2​
.......................And and and The Lost Fisherman!!! HAHAHA​
.............................I think you do the best Moon Walk Eliza!!​
.................................Dont even get me started on Eliza's Show 5... EPIC!!!​
well maybe one day i well get my chance and have Eye Patch Signed by you... it would send me in to a spinning Rum Effect for weeks im sure LOL​
For these that don't know Eliza,

Well I think Eliza makes videos for potco, her editing abilities are awesome. If you don't watch youtube too much then probably you never heard of it. I think a good step would of been to post the videos in the video section though, otherwise can't expect everyone to know about it.
OMG THATS YOU? Eliza I know you I remember seeing your videos why oh why did I miss it man but um how did you sing anything online?