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Erik Warmonger

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So I just wanted to say its nice to see what some of you guys really look like! Funny how most people look so much like their pirates! lol Now if only i could figure out why my pic is sideways.... :D
I am with you on that one. I am still in search of something slightly better than a cell phone pic of myself to post...lol. It is really cool seeing everyone.
Some people say I look like my pirate I'll let you guys decide.

lol heres my real pirate will old bones was made as a joke, but I cud never delete him.
Your pirate does look alot like you Davy.

I would have to say my very first pirate Jade looks more like me... I will have to post a SS of her and a Picture of myself.
omg davy does look like his pirate, or is it the other way around. if his pirate took his hat off and let all that hair fall out it would be a total match, for sure. lol oh by the way davy,thanks so very much for all your hard work on the forum. your are truly a gem.