Barracuda Blade - In Action and Stats


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Wait ... make a different comment, would you? So nice ... we will get it, but may in a week, maybe in a year, considering my luck ... ;)

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
:mad:i hate this my friend has one you have one who else has a good cursed blade mine all stink and dont say ill get one eventually cuz when i do it will prob be the day they removed the game

Rose Sunslipper

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you know... for the longest time i thought your pirates arms were crossed and you were leaning back or something... just realized you were clapping :D very nice blade... cg!!

Matthew McBreaker

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LUCKY!!! my very first famed curse blade ( beaides apinecrest) was Blightfang Edge :D but my friendnjust got Barracuda Blade YESTERDAY on his third kill -_- i really want it