Event  Basil Darkratte 2nd Year Anniversary

Basil Darkratte

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Two years ago Today, ( Yes yes I know, Friday the 13th) A lone pirate broke out of jail, with Jack Sparrow. The Pirate name is Basil Darkratte. Who knew that so much would happen in that time? All the friends he would make, the good and bad things he would go through with them, etc.

Today, I will be celebrating two years playing potco. We can get together around 5pm and we can think about what we want to do, maybe a few bar fights like last ( hint hint, John Captain Hi, Jade :cool:)

Im not really planning to make a video besides, the GM Event, ( Maybe a few screen shots)


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:cool: I would LOVE to come, of course ... ya know, where I am, usually is where the 'weird' things happen ... :lol1:
Idk who started the bar fight the other day ... ;)

But I won't be able to make it tonight, I'm sorry. Please, please just run that recorder ... If you meet at 5 and the GM event is at 6 (all EST), you should be able to make it for both. And don't plan it too much for the recording, surprises are always good! You just think about how to put it together later, like I usually do, but you can't replay your moment of your 2-nd anniversary. So don't waste it!

Francis Gunshot

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Congrats Basil WOOT WOOT and wow you started playing one day after Spania was created thats so cool!!!!!!!!! Congrats Mate!!!!!!

Basil Darkratte

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Just got around to watching this.... Now you know Im going to talk... souds familiar?:)

When you are moving the Cam around like at 10 sec, make sure that there is nothing "solid" that would make the cam move in, or you may end up seeing through the NPC's

Take your time when moving the Cam as well, I know it can be hard, but it should be in one smooth move.
Make sure that you don't stay focused on one shot to long, like when you were fliming us going "crazy!" Move around a bit, but don't show that in the video. At times, it would be better Just to show the ppl fighting without you in it, ( Going against a wall, pressing F12 etc,) Im not saying that you shouldn't be in the video, but it should " switch" from you to just them. If you want to be in it, Press F 12, ( sometimes, not all the time. It'll be fun to see what they are saying) so that the Viewer would not get confused with everything on screen.

Here's a big one, try not to repeat the Music in your video. I had a video like that, and I had to remove it, and change it. Some people would get annoyed if they hear the same thing playing over and over again. Which would cause them to leave the video, or Mute it. Which is worst because its the Music that really gives the video it's " Power"

When In bar fight and you are filming it, make sure no one says," Get her!! She's not doing anything!" Your the Camerawoman and shouldn't get hurt... cough cough:)

Btw, The bar that I love the best is kings Arm... At first it was the Bar at 11:07, but we had a big fight there... It actually looked A LOT different before you got there..:cool:

Great Job Jade! I love it... even if you try to make me look like Im the one who started the fights. :D
One thing though... is there going to be another bar fight? That laugh at the end could mean something coming... I wonder..:fight: