being in the right guild is every thing

captian blackwidow

ahoy my friends. i finely got the pearl last night with help from my guild " pixie pyrates ". i felt like i was becoming an old maid because there i was a level 41 pirate and hadn't got the pearl yet. i finshed the crew part of quest way back at level 30, but was in one of those guilds at the time where everyone is so busy doing their own thing that they just don't help each other, how sad is that. well i stuck it out in that guild for a long time, but finely desided their must be some thing better out there and left that guild. a friend told me about pixie pyrates and they took me in and made me feel at home. what a differance a guild can make. i look forward to being in the game now with all my new friends in this fun guild.

well last night a guildie named nate redburn asked in guild chat if anyone needed any help. all i said was " well if the guild gets board tonight i need to recover the pearl ". well that's all it took, luck star, nate redburn, swashbuckler sir steven and matthew machayes came right back and said " lets go for it, were ready. wow i could hardly beleive it. sadly matthew was left behind because he was basic at the time :( , but he was there for me and that's what counts. shortly after midnight an other member, stormi lighting got the quest too and the crew and i were able to get the pearl for her as well. so what i'm saying is if your not in a guild or in one that is a dud make the leap. i'm sure their are pleany of guilds out there that can make this game a real fun time, all you have to do is look. i'm sure glad i did. thank you pixie pyartes for being such a friendly and fun guild.:party:
Congratulations Captain Blackwidow on finishing the quest!! *Happy Dance*
Also, I am happy for you that you found a guild that you are comfortable and happy to be in. I have met a few of those Pixies and they are very nice indeed!


There are lots of helpful pirates roaming the Caribbean and I bet if you asked a few you passed by they would have been happy to help you with your quest. :)
Aww, Captain Blackwidow, you say the kindest things!
We are lucky to have you in the guild, you help make us the fun guild we are.
& oh my gosh you are never an old maid, Luckie Starr (me) is level 42 & 1/2
& still pounding away at the Pearl Quest :oops:

Congratulations to you ~ Maple Syrup is on me tonight!
Party Hearty Matey, You earned it!
Congrats on recovering the Black Pearl Capt. Blackwidow....sorry for Nate not being able to go...that is sad that basics can't enjoy doing it at least once. And yes.....the Pixie Pyrates are indeed a great guild! Cheers!
I once had a guild just like that, Skully's Xbones, any time u needed help they were there. But, one day Skully decided she was going to step down as GM. The guild didn't want to vote for a new one so we didn't. She hasn't been on since and so the guild is slowly falling apart. It was hard for me to leave because they took me in when i just started playing POTCO, but i wasn't just going to sit there and watch it fall apart. So Congrats Captian Blackwidow on finding a great guild! ;)