Ben Cabingrin's Sorry Tale

Ben Cabingrin

Notorious Pirate
This is the story of Ben Cabingrin's origins:

Once upon a time there lived a swashbuckler named Hector Dreadcutter. He was an honest and fearless pirate, but there was a group of five warriors sneered down on him because their skills were inferior to his and hence stripped him of his honor and his weapons.
One night, our disgraced friend drank too much port and ended up in jail- in the same cell with Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack was kind enough to show Hector a way to escape as Jack himself escaped. Hector went outside, hearing what he thought was thunder, but was shocked to discover that one of Jolly Roger's ships was pounding the small island with his broadsides and gunners.
Seeking shelter from the bombardment, our pirate ran straight into Will Turner, who gave him a slightly rusted cutlass. However, Will ordered Hector to flee when a few of Jolly Roger's minions appeared magically inside the warehouse they were in so he could deal with them. Hector, now armed, took out the enemies obstructing his path and ran down to a light sloop, where a friend of Sparrow's was kind enough to help him escape from the island.
But just when things were in the free and clear, Jolly Roger's flagship magically appeared in front of them and shortly after Jolly himself teleported to their ship. After a heated discussion on Jolly's part, the terror of the seas zombified the captain of the ship, but spared Hector and made him walk the plank. However, our dear pirate wasn't a good swimmer and drowned before he could reach shore.
When privateers found his body adrift at sea, they cheered and slapped each other's backs, saying that "We won't have that fool on our hands now!" or "He wasn't worth anything anyway!"
Soon the news reached Tortuga and that day became a holiday for those who knew him: Dead Hector Day.
However, there was one thing they overlooked: While his body might not be amongst the living, his spirit still was amongst them.
The mind of Hector Dreadcutter entered a man called Ben Cabingrin. Ben/Hector was trained by an expert swashbuckler, none other than Will Turner, and taught by Captain Barbossa to use firearms. He reached a point Hector's enemies couldn't even come close to.
When he reached that point, he sailed on his Frigate (compliments of Jack Sparrow, who won a poker game in which one of the bets was the ship and he gave it to Ben) to Tortuga to deal with his enemies. He found them drinking rum and laughing. He walked up to them and growled
"Arr,you worthless pieces of flesh."
Laughing at a joke one of them had made, they turned around and looked at him, then asked "Whadya want? Who are you?"
"My handle is Ben Cabingrin", He said in a hard, icy tone,"but in my other life my handle was Hector Dreadcutter. I've come to settle this matter once and for all."
They stared with shock and awe.
Ben pulled out his broadsword and smiled
"Let the battle commence!"
They staggered to their feet and en masse rushed at our friend. Ben parried every blow and dealt 2 stabs and 2 slashes. 4 pirates lay dead on the floor. The last one cowered on his knees. Ben tipped his useless head up and said in a tight, angered tone
"If I ever catch you doing to someone what you all did to me, I will escort you to Jolly Roger's lair and throw you into the chasm, and seal off the exit, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"
The coward whimpered his affirmative.
With that settled, Captain Jack Sparrow (they were all in the same tavern that he frequented) stood up, smiling, and made a toast in honor of Ben, and all the other patrons cheered heartily. Hector Dreadcutter the disgraced was now Ben Cabingrin the famous.
His story is a reminder that no evil pays off in the end.
How do you guys think of these great stories, only ones i am known for is the ones i cant print here :mad::oops::rolleyes::popcorn:
This be a spoiler:
The next chapter will take place 3 days after Chapter 1. It will show Ben having to exert his skills to the limit in order to stay alive.
Oh and another spoiler one day before the next chapter:
Tia Dalma will have a role in Chapter 2, as well as the guy who has a crush on her.;)
Ok, here's Chapter two:

Ben looked at his compass and smiled. It had been three days since he had evened the score on the blundering fools that had sneered down on Hector's person, and he felt peace and quiet drape over him and his crew onboard his Frigate, the Dark-Blade Rebel. Ben had in mind some plundering and possibly a visit to Port Royal because he wanted to spy on the Navy and EITC scum in Fort Charles.
Just has Ben was about to go down into his quarters and catch a few winks of sleep, a shout arose from the crow's nest,
"Enemy ship astern!!"
Ben raced up to his first mate, who had his glass up to his eye, and asked him what he saw. Badly shaken, the first mate replied that it was a Ship of the Line, complete with an quadruplet of War Frigates, all heavily armed and they seemed to be in pursuit of the Dark-Blade Rebel. Ben asked what colors they were flying at their mast and after another squint through the glass, the first mate said that they were EITC.
Ben exclaimed, "Those must be the fabled Treasure fleets we've heard about on the port of calls we've docked at!"
"Aye, and they must have the fabled lost weapons of El Patron," the first mate replied.
As exciting as this information was, Ben had enough sailing skills and wits to know that he could not take them alone. He took over the wheel while ordering his crew "Full Canvas!" They immediately fell to and began raising all the sails they had. Soon the sails filled out and the ship began to pull away from the enemy ships. However, the wind began to change its direction, so Ben spun the wheel to the right and the ship once again began to elude its pursuers. However, two problems became known: One, it became clear that the Treasure Fleet wasn't going to let him escape and were rapidly filling the gap between them, and two, Ben didn't know where he was exactly because he hadn't sailed this part of the seas much. He spotted land on the port side and angled towards it.
However, the enemy was now close enough to unleash its cannons on them, and heavy cannonballs ripped through the ship, shredding it within moments. Ben knew it was only a matter of time before they would be shredded to bits also, so Ben ordered his fellow pirates to abandon ship, and just as the ship started to sink, the pirates leaped into the water and started to swim for land. However, most of them hadn't swam before and drowned. However, unlike his other life pirate Hector, Ben had learned how to swim excellently, so he was the only one able to reach the island. However, it had exhausted him, and he passed out on the beach of the island.
After what seemed a century, Ben awoke to be looking at a pair of crocodile legs and a mouth-about to eat him! Ben immediately pulled out his broadsword and stabbed it its monstrous mouth. However, the blade snapped in two, so Ben pulled out his pistol and shot the beast in the mouth. The beast snapped its jaws together in a jerk and toppled over, dead. However, it had also mangled the pistol in the process. Ben tried to get up, but found that he hadn't woken up when the monster had first arrived. He was scarred and ripped open. This time, when he passed out, it was from the pain.
Ben once again opened his eyes and discovered he wasn't on a beach now, but on a narrow cot. A woman was tending to his wounds and when he tried to sit up, a voice said, "Don't do that, you'll just ruin all the care Tia Dalma has given you."
Ben looked up and saw none other than Captian Morgan Kid standing there with a grin on his face. He then recognized the voodoo queen Tia Dalma as the woman tending to him. He asked them where he was and she replied Cuba. About that time she handed him a drink and he drank it and immediately passed out for the third time.
When he opened his eyes again, he could see that she'd done some sort of voodoo on his wounds. They looked like old scars now, and he could sit up and walk/run around. He figured that the brew she'd given him was some sort of healing tonic. He'd never carried them around much, said they were worthless.
After another week, Tia Dalma brought him to a secret aclove and presented to him his grenade pouch, which was still intact, and a different broadsword and a repeater pistol that had an infinite amount of bane shot. She then sent him on a series of quests that were hazardous, but sharpened his skills even more. In the end, he received a voodoo doll and a voodoo staff and the ability to create potions, although to this day he is still apprehensive about voodoo.
This story is the reason why Ben has his Bloodfire Broadsword and his rare repeater, why he carries tonics all the time, why he doesn't like Treasure Fleets-and the reason why he knows about Tia Dalma's crush on Captian Morgan Kid.
yo ben cabingrin. so glad to be able to help a fellow pirate. it's was tia, however that really helped you. she has powers and potions that still confuse me till this day. she must like you alot to take you in like that, my friend. but let me warn you, mate. stay on her good side or you are dust. if you get on her bad side, well she has been known to turn pirates into chickens! i think the chickens i have run into lately with attudes where really pirates that she was displeased with and done that too. i mean why would they attack me like that. guess they have a gruge because they know i'm tight with tia. the best way to stay on the good side of tia, is to make friends with her pet gator.
ya see everytime i come calling on tia i bring some fresh fish for her pet. it must work cause i still have most of my fingers and both of my hands. notice i normaly get a little kiss as well. wish doctor larua was on cuba, even an old salt like me needs help with a girl like this. i mean i've been at sea to long and she is a hand full, for sure.:flag:
:D:Dvery nice Ben make another chapter please:D:D (tia dalma has a crush on morgan!!!!!! kid she needs to take a shower before asking him to the pirate dance and cut 9 inches off her hair its really long i bet;))( CUT IT OFF tia)
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