Best Of 2009 - 2010!


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With the new year around the corner, I have gathered some blueprints that of certain emerging guilds that made a difference in recent years.

You either love 'em or hate 'em these guilds were some of the most active guilds of the year, and they made big accomplishments.

I am sure many other guilds did a-lot of accomplishments in their local level, but we are going to focus on the emerging guilds that made a different in the global level, and that accomplished virtual intangible accomplishments.

Spania / May 12, 2009

Spania everybody is familiar with this guild, have left a blueprint and continues to wow the Caribbean from time to time.

No Hearts Of Ten / Jan 29, 2009

Not as active anymore, but this guild definitely left a big blueprint and their name marked.

The Assassin's / Jan 19, 2009

With Gabby at the helm, not only her guild did great accomplishments but she herself has become a legend in the pvp games and in general, she is definitely a doer.

Loyal To The End / June 14, 2009

Friends at loyal to the end, have also been on top of everything in recent years.

Shining Fellowship / June 13, 2009

Not very family with this guild, though they also have left a blueprint.

P E A C E Keepers / July 21, 2009

This guild also have left a blueprint whether you love it or hate it.

Elite Thievery Co. /June 26, 2009

Eliza a wonderful person who gets along with everybody, not only does that, but she also walks the walk not just talk the talk, her guild also has made a difference and is emerging, and continues to emerge.

Infinite Treasure / Mar 21, 2009

Not very familiar with this guild, but it has definitely being walking the walk as well, and is starting to emerge at its current stage.

What was considered on this story was long term commitment, activity, statistic, ranks and of course impact.

Each and every guild in the list deserve the props and respect. Not only because they make their commitment to make the Caribbean a better place but because they have demonstrated with actions, not words.

Everyone enjoy the list, best of the year.
I love that you made this list treasurer, always wondering about the different guilds, i have played with members of peace keepers several times, and found them to be very nice, (they were women), dont know about the men, i play with so many guilds, but the ones i see the most out there in numbers all together, i wont name them, but they were not friendly to me. I do like Savvy Jr. they are a good guild with good people, and feel they may one day make this list. And I think by now everyone knows how i feel about Spania, never had so many brothers and sisters, :piratemickey:and with this forum, you have given us the chance to actually communicate with others personally from all guilds to share ideas (and a few laughs). :woot: