Best Outfit

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
i got really bored so i decided to do this heres some pictures u vote which one is the best your also welcome to post yours to so i wont be creating a poll just post what u think in the comments screenshot_2011-03-02_16-10-49.jpg screenshot_2011-03-02_16-13-00.jpg screenshot_2011-03-02_16-16-03.jpg screenshot_2011-01-07_21-45-49.jpg screenshot_2010-11-28_16-54-05.jpg
I vote for cesar the owner of cesars barbershop it just stand out more to me. It's like he literally stands in that spot 24/7
the second one was a little girly id ye ask me....
But you look great in the first and last ones

the background makes it all that and i had planned on matching up the green shirt with something else but it couldnt fit because i had no room so that was the best i could do and im pretty sure i made the peddlers outfits look better rofl
I would kill for the peddlers hat wouldn't you? BTW I hope I didnt offend you when I said that :p

no it didnt if u read my post u would know i didnt like it that much either lol and the peddlers hat looks cool but i like the black version of it better though for those brighter outfits the peddler hat might do well lol especially with the squirrel on the top of it