Beware Of Jollys New Invasion Plans.

red beard

Pirate Apprentice
wrath of ravens have been kicking some serous jolly roger butt lately, but maybe we were getting just a little too cocky. lead by grace darkfury we took down the first wave at tortugas dock with ease. and then no more attacking, it was like everything just stopped. i was starting to think jolly had read my post on how he should stay on his ship when wrath of ravens where on the shore. now jolly is smart like a fox, so i checked the island map and omg, the whole next wave had invaded the other beach! so we ran as fast as we could to the other side.
that's when all heck broke lose! it took us quite awhile to get this mess cleaned up. not an easy job like the first wave. onice again every thing just stopped. checking the map i find the next wave had bye passed us some how and the entire force was at a bercade near the middle of the isle. onice more we must rush to that location after things were already out of hand. the whole invasion, jolly was full if suprises!
torwards the end i find myself face to face with jolly roger himself. i was sure hopeing i was on good tearms with my maker. managed to get off a good shot from my staff. was going to back away some to avoid his voodo and set up another shot, but i had backed into some thing and couldn't back up anymore. so what does a pirate in a case like this do, turn and run like crazy to save his own skin or stay and fight to the end with his guild mates?
well, i did the right thing, witch any of my guild mates would have done for me. i got the last shot off and went down myself at the same time. lucky a guild mate saw me go down and rushed to my side to save me. got almost 3k in rep, so all in all not a bad invasion. this is what our guild is about, helping each other to the end.:flag:
well done Red Beard i to have fallen against the Carribean Scourge known as Jolly Roger....but like you as well i had guild mates to help me get up and carry on the fight....i tip my hat to the Wrath of Ravens... a job well done mates :D:drink::popcorn::woot::cannon:
Great story Red. Wow 3k rep! I do not think I have ever had that much from an invasion! Nice!