Big Bang Ghost - Open Recruitment

Adhy Roman

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Lets start it,
a Guild based Ocean activity,. its mean we are Plunderer,. Fort Defender ( cannon Defense), and privateering ( SvS). Guild purpose is to avoid " Bored " word ( guess we never bored even SvS everyday, cause human factor very determine svs ). Here, we build pirates with correct skill to be ready for doing fun thing like plundering, cannon defense, and privateering. we share relative skill requirement for best skill distribution. its mean we make pirate back to their natural place, Ocean,. and had fun.
Why i didnt touch about land battle? this guild is specially for rule the ocean, but we do pirates activity like land battle, invasion, island raid and of couse supporting member quest story.

for more information, send PM to me,.
Igor say Igor brother Greybeard and his wife Alyasta would like to join mate. Igor knows they very excited about the guild. :D
TY Igor,. was waiting for u to come, need player friend again.. was lost it again, only had Helga on Adhy list
Bella started a pirate jade in adhy guild, and in just few days he had her level 15 sailing, and Bella did not know how to sail, lol, and she was a 4 at sailing, Notoriety level 40.,,,,hehe,...and adhy doesnt laugh at me, (well maybe a snicker, when i fall in the water when i go to board a ship at the dock, or fall every time running up the stairs to sail, or even when i run to the back of the ship, looking for the dang wheel, (think he just turn his head then)....after we had boarded a flag ship. He even backs me up, when people order me around and tell me to port! Ohhhh that makes me mad, they just get on the ship, and want a ride somewhere, i say there is life on this ship, you have to hit the pot, do it before we sail! And they keep on PORT, i say, ask nice maybe, they say no way, i say, we sink first:cursing:, they just look at adhy, and he says, she is capt, what she says goes, he is loyal to his guild, even if i am just a lowly Notoriety still, i dont like to be ordered! But, i am doing good, huh Adhy!:piratemickey: