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    Lowkey thread bump...
    Favorite series:
    Legend of Drizzt — R.A. Salvatore. Awesome, fast paced novels about a Dark Elf who's not as evil as his kin might suggest. Also has halflings, barbarian tribesmen, and a diverse array of characters!
    Wheel of Time — Robert Jordan (finished by Brandon Sanderson). These were great to begin with, got a little tough to get through, but still solid.
    Stormlight Archive — Brandon Sanderson. Great fantasy by an up-and-coming writer. His third book of this series comes out this fall (finally!)
    Kingkiller Chronicles — Patrick Rothfuss. Interesting storyline and perspectives, along with the magic of music.

    When I was younger I really enjoyed Brian Jacques' Redwall series. Theres 20+ books, and they are all equally enchanting and engaging. The man was incredible - he was a sailor, policeman, and handy-man, and its a real shame he died of cancer a few years back. The original books were oral stories he told to kids at a school for the blind in Liverpool, so the visual descriptions are off the charts. Most books contain medieval-ish battles, drama, adventures and heroes, but from the perspective of talking animals. He also had a niche for incorporating fantastic feasts and food, so I recommend reading after you've already eaten ;).

    Jacques also wrote Castaways of the Flying Dutchman which is a slightly more mature trilogy about a boy who can communicate telepathically with his dog, and their adventures after they escape the ghost ship. Good for those with sailing nostalgia after playing TLOPO :D

    Just my 2¢

    EDIT: woops I missed the no LOTR part lol
    Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit — JRR Tolkien. The best of the best. Much more in depth and well thought out than people realize.
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    The Art Of Racing In The Rain..... hello, dog lovers!

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