bravo zulu wrath of ravens!

red beard

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yes it was one year ago that our lovely GM raven trueheart and her friend master morgan left their guild to start wrath of ravens, a very risky move as we all know. it hasn't been easy for them at all, but by recruting members like grace darkfury ( our co gm ) and never giving up even when she wanted to just pull her hair out and scream, she has pulled it off. she has many hand picked officers now that take a big load off her sholders. i am glad to see this as she has worked so hard and now she can kick back and enjoy this great guild. yes hats off wrath of ravens!:party:


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Woot! *fist pump* Bravo Zulu to the Bravo Alpha Wrath of Raven's guild which I'm glad to be a part of!


Raven Trueheart

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Oh wow...thank you all so much! You know that you are all a very caring group of people here on the Forums....and I know that the growth and success of our guild is dependent on having such a great group of friends like you to share our thoughts and help each other out in so many ways. I truely would like to thank you all for your friendship and support! We need a get together real soon! Cheers me Mates!