Brethren of Lore

Kate Goldwalker

Fairy Tail Girl
Hey everyone! I just want to introduce my guild.

Brethren of Lore was founded on January 4, 2009. We currently have about 215 members, with a very strong core of pirates. This strong core is the heart and soul of the Brethren. Usually if you see one of us, then the others are around also. If any of you run into us in the game, say "Ahoy!" We like to help others and do everything any other pirate likes to do.... drink rum!.... I mean plunder, pillage and rid the Carribean of the swine that are against us! You might find some of us in SVS also.

If anyone is interested in putting a new pirate in the Brethren, let me know. Or, if you happen to run into one of us in game, ask for an invite. We're always looking for good pirates to join, and I know only the good ones are here.

Check out our guild website: However, membership to this site is for guild only, sorry. ;)

Happy Piratin'
Ahoy, it is a pleasure to meet you...Kate! It would be great to meet the others in your guild....perhaps in an invasion or a party! Cheers!
Greetings to all fellow pirates!

I wanted to post again and revive this topic for my guild. We are looking for good players that need a good home for a pirate to join the Brethren of Lore. I'm not going to lie, we've been losing members over the past year or so because of the economy and RL issues. However, we have a drama free zone here. We want members who are willing to help anyone regardless of notoriety lv, unlimited or basic access, or a players type of chat. We want members who enjoy the game and play for the love of it as well as the enjoyment we get in fellowshipping with other pirates.

If anyone is looking for a home for any of their pirates, please respond here or send me a pm. We can figure out a time to get together in the game. Membership is open to anyone of any age. However, if there are any problems with members causing drama of any sort, speaking in any chat in a way that they should not or does not follow any Disney code of conduct, then membership will be put into question and may result in removal from the Brethren.

Hope to see you soon!