Glitch  Call 1-800-halloweenwolf To Get Out Of Jail

Will Nightwolf

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I was in jail visting someone with my other pirate and check it out I was able to break into any cell I wanted.
This was at Padres Del Fuego and I have no idea how I got this glitch to happen, but I have my theories.
Well it's 200,000 for me to break into the jail and for food it's gonna be another 50,00 for shiping and handling plus you have to buy the food itself. Ps TIP IS MANDATORY.
will, i thought you were my buddy? what's up bro? i would do it for you. are you saving for a new ship, or something? jail is cool if you need rest, but the food sucks. if you go down while i'm on, please call me. i will help and you will owe me some fish tacos and rum if i'm locked up.:p