Calling All Testers! (06/21/11)

Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate

Exciting new updates are now available on the Test Server:

  • Pirates can dare to become a “Scoundrel of the Seas” now on the Test Servers.
    - Set sail, plunder all you can from enemy ships and try to unlock all the Scoundrel levels.
    - Enemy ship difficulty will increase based on the amount of plunder in your ship’s hull.
    - Added four Scoundrel levels of difficulty, each with its own jolly roger icon on the ship HUD.

  • Optimized frame rate for flagship boarding.

  • Fixed a bug where teleporting off a ship causes other Pirates to exit the Ship Repair mini-game.

  • Fixed a bug where new Pirates could become stranded on Kingshead before receiving a ship.

We look forward to your feedback so log onto the Test Server now!

Please Note: If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for future invites to the Test Server, sign up here. Please be sure to verify whether you meet the qualifications prior to signing up.

Remember to use the 'Send Feedback' button on the Options Menu ('Esc' or F7 key) to report any bugs you find, or by using the bug reporting form.

to be eligible to Test all new content before it goes Live!

Igor Greybeard

Igor think this is one of the best updates yet!! Igor say just needs a few refinements mates!! Igor ask all testers please send feedback about anything you think should be changed. Igor say they do listen and make adjustments now but not once it goes live!


Wiki Staff
  • Strengthened masts and sails on Bounty Hunters and Warships
  • Popup messages for sinking ships no longer block view or have a border around them
  • Fixed a recurring crash with the "Scoundrel of the Seas" levels
  • Removed "Scoundrel of the Seas" level while in Privateering (PvP) mode
  • Fixed a crash with Infamy
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during the Black Pearl Boss battle

Captain T.G.

it is one awesome update on test i was on a ship of the line that was re least to early so it has no repair points to fix ship at so if ye get attacked from both sides ye will sink fast so hopefully the add the repair points