Can Someone Help Me Make A Cool Signature With All Of My Characters/pirates In It?

James O'martin

Pirate Lord
I really would like to have a signature with all of my pirates/characters in it, with their pirate names. So could someone help me make that possible?
:lol1: Who are you looking for? :p
You know if you have 4 pirates it's gonna take 4 times as much time as somebody who has only one pirate? Why do you need all your pirates in there anyways?
I recently have seen people with four pirates in one signature. From other Pirates Online fansites. I'm looking for someone to make a signature for me.
I have been helping with making some of the signatures. If I am the one who does it, I think we need to limit the number of pirates showing on the signature to be only 2 (maximum). Why? It takes time to extract your pirate for the background (if we want to do it the right way - clean cut). The more number of pirates you want to put on the signature, the more time consuming it is. This is for the fairness among other fellow pirates who have been waiting to have their signature done. Unless somebody else would like to do it for you.
No that's fine what time are you free to do one for me? (I'm Eastern Time)

I have promised to help few other pirates (5), so if you wouldn't mind, I'll leave you a message when I'm done with them. Is that ok? And I have a memory like an elephant ... ;) I won't forget you. :)
Ok, that's great. Thanx. :)