cannon balls, pixie dust and cold steel

captian blackwidow

luckie charm and her merry band of pixie pyrates were sacking the queen ann at will on saturday night.

the fury of our cannons brough them to their knees and dead in the water.

being the friendly guild that we are, we tried honey and pixie dust at first. when that failed we were forced to break out the cold steel. it's really fun taking down the queen ann, but for me at least the loot was always the same. i mean how many sea charms does a girl need anyway.:party:

Luckie O'Clover

Site Founder
Great screenies Captain Blackwidow!
Sure is fun to work together, even if we have a bunch of Mutineer Sea Charms

I keep hoping to get another Summon Chicken potion, you can never have too many of those beauties!