captain hi invasions

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
today i was screwing around with the swift foot glitch and here was the outcome of me and my bowl of lucky charms
you ever wonder what would happen if dark hart and timothy got smart and attacked the town well so did i so i ate a bowl of lucky charms (side affeccts of lucky charms may include im a real boy syndrome, insanity(i already had that) jedi jump and going faster than a car
looks like someone got smart the navy finally joined in though they werent that well edjumicated cuz they werent on my side and then we have the people who ruined my very painful fun
look who finally learned how to get out of the fort i think they were on a rum run but im not sure well that or they just wanted my autograph sadly they had it engraved on themselves
and you all thought captain rott was on jolly rogers side either that or he was scared of me
Wow ... so those were what you were talking about earlier. COOL pics! How did you 'drag' Timothy, Darkhart and those Navy soldiers away from their homes?
Um, I want your Lucky Charms!
That's Luckie O'Clover ... Luckie Charms is her other pirate (please correct me if I'm wrong, Luckie!). Capt. Hi said about the "lucky charms bowl of cereal" up there! :lol1:
lol first of all i would like to say that in the process of getting an army down to the town i had to use a few tonics and i almost got banned by someone who was accusing me of using a 3rd party program when all i did was glitch and lastly if you intend on doing this you must tell no one and find me on the game side affects of using this glitch may cause you to think your flying, fall on ur face and thinking your moving slow when u log out and back on that last one is real trust me it takes like 30 minutes of moving normal to get used to not having the glitch on again those of you who still wish send me a message if u find me