Captain Star: Spotlight Interview

Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate


Isaiah Ropeswine: So Star, when did you come into the pirate world?

Captain Star: I started playing in the first phase of Beta.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Have you enjoyed your time here since then?

Captain Star: Yes, I love it here. :)

Isaiah Ropeswine: What guilds have you united with in your time spent here?

Captain Star: I started with Light and Shadow when the game went live. We had about 100 members, and I loved it. But sadly, our Guildmaster went missing. After about 3 months of not knowing what was going on, the guild split in two.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Sorry to hear.

Captain Star: I started my own guild with one half and called the guild Shadows Reborn.

Isaiah Ropeswine: I bet you made a good Guildmaster, aye?

Captain Star: I would like to think that I did, most of the pirates do not play anymore. They have moved on in their pirate life.

Isaiah Ropeswine: And now, you are in Spania? Tell me about your time here.

Captain Star: Spania has been wonderful. After only being in two guilds, I didn't know what to expect when I joined. Spania is my family in the game.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Aye, lots of great pirates here. Moving on, what is your most appreciated update given to us by the POTC staff?

Captain Star: Finally be able to complete the Black Pearl Boss Battle.

Isaiah Ropeswine: A fun quest that is. Why do you like this game?

Captain Star: I have played other online games, but have been here since the beginning and I think that is what makes this game special to me.

Isaiah Ropeswine: If you could go back and redo something (in the game), what would it be?

Captain Star: I can't say I would do anything different on Star. Anything that I wanted to try different I tried on Starr, and now I am on Luckie.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Tell us how you got those names.

Captain Star: I used to play a game called VMK, that is how I came to play pirates. On VMK, my player was AllStarCheerStar. For my second pirate, I added an extra R and I got Captain Starr.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Very creative names I may add :)

Captain Star: Thank you very much.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Are there any future updates you are looking forward to?

Captain Star: I would love to see trading. But knowing the problems with trading on VMK in the past, I am not sure it will happen.

Isaiah Ropeswine: Aye, trading would definitely be nice.

Captain Star: I would love to see zombies, mermaids, even Davy Jones himself would be cool. I'll take anything that Disney will give us :)

Isaiah Ropeswine. Well I'm afraid we are out of time. Thank you for the interview Captain Star! It's been a pleasure being here with you.

Captain Star: Thank you so much for your time Isaiah, the pleasure was all mine.
Cool I love it and lol so thats what u where doing!!!!!! sorry I bothered u in the middle and I did shush up after u told me to lol;)