Capten Blacksheep's Vacation

Capten Blacksheep

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ravens cove is a great to have fun and relax. the sport fishing there is world class.

on my 2nd day i hit the surf at the crack of dawn with moon doggie and the gang, kiabunga spania!

i found the cliff diving on the island to be a real rush, it's a long way down! no parachutes allowed.

one of the local girls lost her head over me. sometime that just happens, they can't help it i guess.

after a long day of fishing, surfing or cliff diving i would just kick back at the lounge with the locals and throw some shots of rum. most of the locals are ghosts and very camera shy, as you can see.


all and all, i would say ravens cove is one of the best vacation spots in the world. i will say, it's not good to roam the streets at night. you could get mugged or worse, but then again, i'm a fairly dangerous pirate and i ain't afraid of no ghost. ps don't worrie about getting a sun burn, cause it's always over cast there. hope to see ya there next summer! gods speed good hunting
Ooo That was GREAT Capten! Thanks for sharing! :)

I must try this vacation spot for I am long over due for a vacation!