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    Chapter 1 Set Sail
    "Captain, are you sure we will find it?" Cabin Boy Billy asked the captain.
    "Billy, let me tell you something. I have been searching for this for over 20 years, I must find it. I don't care if it takes all my life, I must search, because you never know what you could stumble across in the wide blue sea." Captain Thayer explained.
    "Who knows, someone could have found that legendary sunken ship already." Billy said.
    "If someone found it we would already be dead, now I think you have a deck to swab." The captain said.
    "Aye aye, sir." Billy said. Billy walked off to go get a mop and bucket.
    "Anything catching your eye, Peter?"
    "Nothing so far, captain." Peter told the captain. The captain grumbled. Peter was a lookout who lived up on the mast, searching out of his telescope for clues to the sunken ship that was said to contain lost weapons and riches.
    "Wait, I see something.." Peter said.
    "Huh? What is it?" The captain yelled up to him.
    "Enemy ship off the starboard about a mile away. It sees us and it's coming straight toward us!" Peter exclaimed.
    "Everyone, listen up! Get ammo from the storage room and man a cannon, we have been spotted by a Navy Kingfisher!" The captain ordered. Everyone was rushing around the Frigate. When everyone was settled at a cannon, the kingfisher was very close.
    "Fire!" The captain ordered. Everyone shot round shots at the hull of the mighty war ship. A couple shots missed, but many hit, but the hull didn't catch fire.
    "Again! Fire!!!!" The captain yelled again. This time, everyone hit the port bow of the ship and it caught fire. By that time the ship turned at the starboard side, where there was no damage. From here we could hear the navy captain yelling "Ready!! Aim..."
    He's about to fire again, fire everything! NOW!!!" The captain yelled.
    "Fire all we got and then take them to davy jones locker!" The navy captain yelled. By then it was complete chaos. We were firing all of our shots at them, and so were they. We began to shoot firebrand at them, and their hull caught fire easily.
    "Alright, their ship is on fire, switch back to round shot. We do not need to waste it. Fire at will!" The captain was a great leader, and we won many battles with him. We flooded the other ship with round shot. The enemy ship was about to be sunken when the captain shouted "Wait! Parlay!"
    We both stopped firing at each other. The ship came closer to us and put down a plank connecting our ships.
    "Ready your weapons, but don't attack until instructed." The captain ordered, whispering.
    "Please sir, we would like to set up a parlay with you to let us go free." The navy captain begged.
    "Hmm..." The captain thought. " How much of a parlay are you willing to offer to let you go free?" Our captain asked.
    "1,490 gold pieces." The navy captain said.
    "1,490?" Our captain said.
    "Please, it's all I have, I just bought this war sloop." The Navy captain begged.
    "That is a proposition I can accept." Captain Thayer said. They shook on it, but then something awful happened. The Navy captain was shaking with 1 hand, but his other hand was in his pocket. As they were shaking, with the Navy captain's free hand, he pulled out a knife and swiped at the captain's heart, and he fell to his knees. His last words were "Kill them. Pivot is now the captain." He said. Then he fell to the ground, dead. The navy captain laughed. "Fool". He murmured. I was paralyzed by the captain dying so much, and I'm sure this happened to everyone else in the crew too, that I forgot that my given name is Pivot, now Captain Pivot.

    Chapter 2 Parlay with my knife
    Everyone froze for a couple seconds. My heart was pounding in my chest. I didn't know what to do, I wasn't a true captain like Captain Thayer, I always watched Captain Thayer give out orders to the crew, but I never actually thought I would be a captain, so I never actually bothered him about his skills. I stared at the navy captain. Everyone took out there weapons, I knew this would end badly. I had to take a stand, it was now or never.
    "Attack, now!!!" I yelled. I took out my cutlass, as did everyone else. Everyone started attacking somebody, funny thing was we had an equal amount of people, so everyone had one opponent. I knew I had to go for the navy captain. I read his navy badge. Captain Thomas. I swung at him with my sword. He ducked under it and tried to stab me. I side stepped and then I tried to get him with a sweep. He jumped above that. As me and Thomas were apparently equally matched, we dueled for a while, not getting one mark on each other, while the navy was winning. We killed three of their people and they killed four of ours so far. As I was fighting, I noticed navy soldiers going to their ship. I thought they were retreating, but I was way wrong. They went to the cannons and started firing at pirates. One of the cannons breeched the hull accidentally. Navy people noticed this quickly and ran to their ship. We tried to come with them, but they took away the plank and sailed off. The ship started sinking. Everyone screamed. I kept thinking to myself the same thing over and over again. "Think, what would Captain Thayer do at a time like this?" I kept thinking that, but always came up with a blank note. The ship sunk, along with the crew. There were some planks floating around. I climbed on top of one with one crew survivor, James Calvirlynn. I swam over to take two thin planks to use as rows. That was it, the rest of the crew drowned. They all went for something to climb on, but drowned before getting close.
    "That's it. We probably won't survive out here with this little plank." James insisted.
    "Tortuga is right over there, we can do it." I said. The lucky thing was, Tortuga was literally almost close enough for a man to swim to. The waves were pushing us toward Tortuga, and soon enough, we were looking at the famous island of Tortuga. Land never felt so good in my entire life.

    Chapter 3 The Woman with 2 faces
    I crawled onto the beach. Land never felt so good in my life. Everyone was staring at us like we were aliens. Me and James looked at each other, and then back at the crowd. A lady came over and helped us up.
    "Dear god, are you okay?" The woman asked us.
    "Well, besides a navy kingfisher with a greedy captain killing everyone on our ship but us two while we drift to this island on the remains of our ship near death, we are doing fine." James answered, then coughed.
    "Oh, that's horrible! Quick, I'll get you a nice house to stay in." The woman answered.
    "Thank you very much, we would appreciate it." I responded. She guided me and James to a wooden house on the right side of the island, right next to Bonita's Tattoo Parlor. We walked into the house. It was a small wooden cabin with some cracks in it. It was a little old and cheap, but it was way better than being homeless, so i decided to shut up.
    "It's very nice." I said. "Thank you very much. I hope it won't bother you that we will be staying with you."
    "Oh, it won't be a bother at all. This is my beach house, my real house is in the town area of Tortuga." She explained. She looked at her watch. "Oh my, look at the time, I must go see someone very important, came all the way from Cuba to see me. Take care."
    "Bye." Me and James said together. Then she walked off.

    A couple hours later we were getting settled. There were no beds in this house, but we found a comfy sack of pillows to sleep on in the corner of the room. We were about to take a nap when we heard a thumping noise.
    "What was that??" I questioned.
    "I have no idea..." James said. We both got a little paranoid, but then we saw it. At the window was this guy staring at us.
    "Do you see what I'm seeing?" I asked.
    "Oh yeah, big time. At least the window's not open." He joked. James had a pretty good sense of humor. The man knocked. We got our swords ready.
    "Who is it!" I shouted.
    "I have to tell you something important about that lady you were talking to." The man answered.
    We cautiously opened the door.
    "Mind if I come in?" He asked.
    "Yeah, don't ruin the carpeting." James answered.
    "There is no carpeting, just a wood floor." The man answered back.
    "It's a figure of speech.." James said, kind of annoyed.
    "Anyways, about that woman. Her name is Mary Mcvane." The man started.
    "So?" I said.
    "Let me finish. She claims herself to be a ordinary, kind housekeeper that helps the needy, but it's really a trap."
    "How is it a trap?" James asked.
    "You see, she is plotting to get rid of everyone from Tortuga. She wants to become the leader of Tortuga. She is wanted dead or alive."
    "Why are there no wanted posters or warrants out for her arrest?" I asked.
    "Well, her given name is Mary the Doppelganger. She can make herself look or sound like anybody. She used to be an actress, she has been plotting this her whole life. Her parents said she spent hours in her room a day acting and impersonating people. Her parents thought she has a real calling and talent, but didn't know someday she would use it to take over an island."
    Well, right at that moment it was all making sense, Mary came walking in with a gun in her hand with 4 people with her.

    Chapter 4 The Doppelganger Strikes
    "So, you know my secret, eh?" The woman said.
    "Yeah, we do. Why would you set us up like this?" I asked.
    "You seem like a threat to my plans, so I have to destroy you." She answered.
    "How are we a threat?" James asked.
    "You have much strength, courage, and power. You could foil my plans when you recovered."
    "Of course, kill the weak. Played nicely, but that's lame." James said.
    "You will not get away with this, vermon. Die!!!" I yelled.
    "Attack!" She ordered her four gunners. Apparently, they all went for the old man.
    "Attack the guys, not the old man you idiots!" She yelled at them. She was too late, though. We already took out our pistols and me and James each shot 2 gunners. Then we put our pistols up to her face.
    "Give it up. You're outnumbered." We told her.
    "Oh, am I?" She snapped her fingers and four more gunmen came. "Have fun with my friends. Ta ta." She said. Then she ran off. Apparently, me and James were thinking the same thing, because when they reloaded, we picked up the old man's dead body and held it in front of us. They fired and hit the dead dude.
    "Human shield!" I laughed.
    "Catch!" James fake grinned and we threw it at them.
    "Ugh, That's nasty!" One of them said in a deep black voice. Me and James giggled. We took our pistols out quickly and shot them. James hit a that was easy button and we went out the door stepping over the nine dead bodies.
    "We should go find her..." I said.
    "Yeah, but where could she be?" James asked.
    "Think for a moment. When she gave us the house, she said this was her beach house she rarely uses. Her real house is in the town area of Tortuga." I said.
    "Good memory, but how do we know which house it is in Tortuga?" He asked.
    "We will figure it out when we get there, now lets go." I said to him.
    "Well, can't argue with that logic." He nodded, and we headed for the town.

    When we got to the town, we saw a couple houses. Only one had a closed window. We figured we would check that one out first. It was worth a shot. He tried to open the door. He shaked the knob in many ways, but it would not open at all. He kept turning the knob different ways and pulling on the door as hard as he could.
    "It's locked, or budged, or... something." He said.
    "Did you try pushing the door?" I asked him. He went up to the door, put his ear up to it, and then twisted the door knob right and pushed. Still wouldn't open.
    "Righty tighty, lefty loosey, James." I grinned and looked at him. He tried that and it worked. We were in. "Congratulations, you graduated from door knob class." I laughed. He did too.
    "That.. That was just practice.. We good." He said. I rolled my eyes and we went inside. It was empty. The door for the other room was locked. There was a window to the other room. I looked inside, but all I saw was a purple curtain.
    "Now what? I asked."
    "What are you talking about?"
    "Dude stop, I'm trying to think, it's annoying when you do that." I said, annoyed.
    "CARIBBEAN!!!!!!!!!" He screamed. Then he jumped through the window.
    "Well, that's one way to do it." I grinned. We caught the woman red handed. We tried to shoot her, but she dodged it. We had to reload and she jumped out the window and right out the door outside.
    "Get her!" I yelled. We ran after her. She reached into her pouch while running and got a sacred pistol out. She tried to shoot at us, but it's hard to shoot while you're running. When you're shooting behind you it's even more hard. She couldn't hit us. While she was relaoding she bumped into a man and fell. The man took handcuffs out of his pocket. He cuffed her up.
    "Hey, you have no rights to chain me up! You're not authorized!" The officer held out a badge. It was golden. It said Tortuga Police Department around the sides of the badge and in the middle it said in big bold letters TPD.
    "I do have rights, and warrants out for your arrest, ma'am. We have been tracking you for many years. thanks to these two, you will be brought to justice." The policeman said.
    "I will get you two when I get out of the slammer!" She yelled at us.
    "You're not getting out of the slammer ever." The policeman said.
    "Whatever, I will destroy you all." She said, mad.
    "You have the right to remain silent". He kicked her and took her to jail. "You two, come to my office in 5 minutes, I must give you your reward. We went there a couple minutes later and he gave us $100,000.

    Chapter 5 Secret Society
    A couple weeks ago, me and James left the jail with our pockets and pouches loaded. Everyone agreed we could keep the beach house that the lady tried to kill us in. We cleaned up the blood stains and the bodies, and bought some furniture. We still had much money left. I was pouring a cup of coffee when James got up. He stretched.
    "What are we going to do today?" James asked. "I never thought I would say this, but I have so much money I don't know how to spend it and now I'm bored with it." When we got the money, me and James agreed to split the money. I got 50,000 gold and so did he.
    "Well, there has been this story going around about... Nah, i shouldn't say anything.
    "Why not? Is it about me?" He asked, a little paranoid.
    "No, no.. It's just a little creepy." I answered.
    "C'mon, Pivot. You can tell me anything."
    "Okay, okay. So, there have been some rumors going around that there is a place in Tortuga called Thieves Den. It's a place where thieves hide out. It's in a cave past the Wildwoods." I started.
    "I already know about this place, everyone does. So what?"
    "Well, everyone believes in the entrance of the Thieves Den there is a place where you can blow up the rocks and it leads to a secret place that the thieves protect with their life." I continued.
    "Whoa, that's cool. Let's go check it out. I have a seige charge I have been saving for something important.
    "Cool, let's go." I said.

    About ten minutes later we reached the beginning of the thieves den.
    "Take out your seige charge." I ordered. I just remembered I am a captain now, even though I have no ship to control. He took out his grenade and threw it at the wall. To our surprise, the wall cracked, and almost opened. We looked inside the cracks.
    "I... I see a cave!" I exclaimed.
    "What??!?!?" I stared at him. "Out of all the things I have ever heard from you, that's the creepiest.."
    "Sorry, mom." He chuckled, but then we heard footsteps from deep in the cave. Our smiles faded really quickly.
    "Oh no, they must have heard the explosion. We need to get out of here now." I whispered. "Go through the entrance and hide in the bushes in the Wildwoods." We heard the footsteps really close, now breaking into a run. We quickly ran for it and hid in a bush close to the cave entrance, but enough support to keep us hidden really well. We heard talking at the entrance of the cave.
    "It sounds like navy guards." James whispered.
    "I know. Hush. I want to hear what they are saying. I'm sure they noticed the crack already." I said. I listened with James.
    "How did they figure this out?"
    "This has pirates written all over it. Those scum that hang around Tortuga. They make me sick."
    "Hey did you hear that last guy?" I whispered in James ear. "He sounds really familiar."
    "I know. Strange." James answered. We started listening again.
    "Charles, John, why were you not guarding the secret cave?" The familiar voice said.
    "Sorry sir, I was hungry and went to get my lunch." One of them said.
    "I saw a soldier being chased by a scorpion, so I tried to help him." Another answered. I peeked in. The commanding guy looked strangely at the scorpion answer. I went back into hiding. I didn't want to get caught.
    "Whatever happens, I want this place guarded. Now the cave is visible. I am going to get carpenters to come in and patch up those cracks." I peeked in. The commander looked over at what I thought was Charles and John. "And you two." He began. He pointed a finger in their faces. "If you two leave your posts for whatever reason again, you will be hung in public and killed." He said. The two men saluted and the commander started to walk off. Then he sniffed the air. What we forgot was that soldiers take a shower every six hours, so they had no scent on them at all. Me and James were drifting at sea and bathed in blood and never got washed. We reeked. The commander looked back and saw my face. My eyes widened.
    "Well, well well, why isn't it Captain Pivot and his little buddy James. He stared at us with cold, hard eyes. The soldiers all took their guns out and pointed them at us. We backed up a little. The commander gave the soldiers a "Cease Fire" sign with his hand and they lowered their guns. Well, at first I wondered how he knew our names. Then I took a good look at him and realized the truth. The man I was looking at was the same man I cursed at every day after our ship sunk : Captain Thomas himself.

    Part II Captain Pivot Thayer
    Chapter VI Reunion
    "You...." I said. I felt my face burn. My hands turned into fists. The captain grinned.
    "Hmmph. Foolish child. You don't stand a chance." The captain sneered. "I mean, your stupid captain didn't stand a chance. Do you think a fake captain and one crewmate would stand a chance?" I looked at John. We nodded and we took out our pistols. We ran out of ammo when we shot the doppelganger's gunners, but after we killed them we stole their ammo. We knew we were outnumbered, though. There were six gunners and one navy captain over there. They all pointed their guns at us.
    "Put your hands up and everything will run smoothly. Just drop the weapons and put your hands in the air." The captain said to us. "You have one chance. Either die, or obey me." We thought for a moment. "Come on, surrender and we will get along just fine.." The captain urged. Me and James nodded to each other. We dropped the guns on the ground. We looked down at the ground sadly and I put my hands up. I felt a tear go down my eye.
    "I'm Sorry, Captain Thayer. I could not avenge your death. Maybe I can see you one more time if I just kill myself now. I should put my gun up to my heart and pull the trigger." I thought unhappily. I looked up for a second and saw the navy captain grinning to himself and reaching into his pocket for handcuffs. Well, I can barely explain what happened next, but all of a sudden I heard a gun shot and one of the soldiers fell to the ground. They pointed their guns at us. They were about to shoot but then another soldier got shot. Then the navy soldiers were confused. Our guns were down. Then another soldier died.
    "What in bloody heck is that?!?!?" The navy captain shouted, bewildered. Then another soldier got shot in the "you know what" By then there was the navy captain, two soldiers, and four soldiers on the ground. They all fled. Even the captain.
    "I'll get you someday, Pivot and James!" He yelled back at us.
    "What... the heck... was that???" James said.
    "A random person with a gun." Someone said. The sound came from where the soldiers were on the ground. We stepped over the bodies and looked around. Then we looked at the crack in the wall. Right there was a man with a gun looking at us. He smiled at us.
    Chapter VII Random Person
    "Who are you?" I asked him.
    "Let's just say I'm a guy who hates navy and wants to get out into the real world." He said.
    "What do you mean?" I asked.
    "Well, this rock is the barrier between the real world and a navy cave prison." He said.
    "A hidden prison?" James asked.
    "Yeah. The navy trapped many people here. You might want to stand back, I found grenades in the navy weapon room, and I'm gonna blow this up." He said. We backed up and he threw several seige charges at the rock. Eventually, it blew up. "Freedom..." He said. "Now that I'm free, do you mind if I come with you to your house and crash there until I'm back on my feet?"
    "I don't know.." I said.
    "Come on, dude. You don't trust me? I just saved your life." He said.
    "Well, all right. But just a couple days." I said.

    We walked back to our house. Right when we opened the door he jumped onto the couch and rested his eyes.
    "I like your house. I've never been this comfortable in years." He said.
    "We're glad you like it." James said. " If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?"
    "Luke Castillo". He answered. "I'm the leader of a rebel army against the navy."
    "Wow, that's cool." James said. Just then, the navy rammed the door down. Then took me and James by the hands. Before the navy could get to Luke, he jumped out the window and ran off. The navy took us into the Tortuga Jail and put us in the cell right next to the doppelganger.
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    Chapter VIII The Slammer
    The guard threw us into the cell. The doppelganger was sleeping on the floor in the other cell. Me and James looked at the little demon.
    "No way. You can't put us next to THAT psychopath." James protested.
    "I believe I can do whatever I want with you." The guard snickered.
    "This is a free country! America is a free country!!" He said.
    "This is the Caribbean, not America." The guard snapped.
    "It's central America!" James yelled back. The guard just shook his head,walked to his chair, and closed his eyes.
    "We need to get out of here." I whispered to James.
    "Can't we just kick the door open?" James asked me. The guard opened one eye.
    "Titanium new bars. Good luck kicking." He said. Then he closed his eyes and started snoring.
    "Well, that figures." James said.
    "Yeah, it does.." I answered back. Just then Mary the Doppelganger opened her eyes. Me and James crouched down under our beds. We looked at her stretching. Me and James peeked out. The guard had stopped snoring, but kept his eyes closed. Mary walked over to the tip of her cell and looked at the guard.
    "Hey, handsome." She said to the guard. The guard kept his eyes closed but answered.
    "Don't talk to me." He grumbled.
    "Aww, don't be like that..." She flirted.
    "Go back to sleep. Maybe that will fix your brain". He snapped.
    "Come on honey, come over here." She said.
    "If I come over will you shut up?" He asked. Mary nodded and the guard walked over. Then Mary tried to grab the key tied to his belt.
    "Give me the key! Give me the key!!" She yelled. The guard tried to shake her hand off but she would not get off.
    "Get off me, you crazy lady!" He shouted.
    "Not until you give me the key!" She yelled. Finally the guard shook free and pulled a tazer out of his pocket. He shot the tazer at her and she shook and fell to the ground. The guard walked over to his chair and sat down, ignoring the fact that she was on the ground screaming. A minute later she was still screaming and a familiar man walked in. He had A blue buttoned shirt with a badge on it and black jeans. The badge said TPD on it.
    "What in bloody heck is going on in here?" He yelled. The guard was snoring. The man saw us. Me and James took a good look and saw it was the man who gave us $100,000 for catching Mary the Doppelganger. When he saw us, he turned back at the guard and smacked him in the face. The guard jumped awake and held his face where the man smacked him.
    "Sleeping on duty again, eh George?" The man snapped.
    "Uhh, sorry sir." George said sleepily.
    "And why are these two in jail? They are heroes." He said. We got out from our beds. The doppelganger looked at us. She came over to our side and started clawing at the cage trying to get at us. "Excuse me, but can I borrow that tazer?" The man asked George.
    "Go nuts." He said. The man took the tazer. The doppelganger gave an uh oh look and she got tazed. She fell to the ground clutching her face once again. The man gave George his tazer back.
    "Thanks." He muttered."Take these two out of here, they stopped the doppelganger and saved the town."
    "But -" George started.
    "Huh? Is that the sound of someone who wants to get fired?" The man looked at George. George gave the man the key. "That's what I thought." The man snapped. He came over to us and unlocked the cell. We walked outside. The man shut the jail door.
    "I'm very sorry about that." He said to us.
    "Thanks so much for saving us! It smelled like rat pee in there." James said. We all laughed.
    "If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?" I asked the man.
    "General Cornelius Maximus." He answered.
    "We owe you for getting us out of there, Cornelius." I said.
    "No need. That is my debt to you for saving our town from that... crazy lady..." He said.
    "Please, visit us some time. We would love to have you over, maybe have some coffee, sit down, and relax together." I offered.
    "That would be great." Cornelius said, then smiled. We waved to each other and we walked off to our house, and found Luke laying down on the couch. He waved at us and we waved back. Me and James sat on the other couches and closed our eyes. A nice, soft warm bed in our house never felt so good in our life.
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    Chapter IX The Recruit
    We have been so bored lately, trying to find things to do. Ever since we left the jail we have had nothing to do. Today i had remembered I was a captain, and I thought of what to do.
    "Hey, let's get a ship." I said.
    "Sure, I guess. We are a crew." James said.
    "Yeah, sure, but a crew of three isn't enough." Luke reminded us.
    "He's got a point." James said.
    "Let's go recruit people to join the crew." I suggested.
    "Sure." James and Luke said together. I grabbed a sheet of paper, a clipboard, and a pen. I put the pen in my ear and attached the paper to the clipboard. I then took the pen and wrote down positions we need for a crew.
    "What should our crew name be?" I asked.
    "Caribbean Survivors?" Luke said.
    "I love it!" James said. This is what I wrote on the paper:
    Caribbean Survivors Crew
    Captain - Captain Pivot
    First Mate - James Calvirlynn
    Fighter 1 - Luke Castillo
    Fighter 2 - ?
    Lookout - ?
    Cabin Boy - ?

    We set out to look for recruits the next day. At the Town Area of Tortuga, we spotted a buff man with ripped clothes.
    "Perfect." I said. I went up to him. I looked up at him. Way up. I felt like an ant.
    "Hey, would you like to join our crew?"
    "Uhh, sure." He said in a stupid voice. James and Luke burst out with laughter the big guy apparently didn't hear. I shot them a look and their smiles faded quickly.
    "What's your name?" I asked him.
    "Ooh, ooh! Can i be batman?" He asked.
    "Uh, no." I said. I knew I had to get rid of him.
    "Aww, why not?" He asked. He picked his nose and threw the booger on the ground next to him.
    "Look, you didn't pass initiation." I said.
    "Aww, I didn't make the football team?" He cried. Then he ran away.
    "Wow, you really reeled him in well." James sneered. Luke cackled.
    "Shut your hole." I snapped. There wasn't much talking from that point on.

    We got to the main beach of Tortuga and spotted a chick that Luke stared at with a smirk on his face. I shrugged and looked at her. She wore a white corset, a pink sash, light blue pants, and no boots. She had light blue eyes and dark brown long hair. Her skin was dark white.
    "Hey, would you like to join our crew?" I asked her.
    "Sure, why not?" She said.
    "Great. What's your name?" I asked.
    "Sus'e." She replied.
    "Uh, Susie?" I asked.
    "No, Sus'e." She answered back. Apparently it was Susie with an accent at the end.
    "Okay... can we just call you S?" I asked.
    "Sure." She said. I checked her off under fighter 2 on my list. I put the pen back on my ear and the paper and clipboard back in my pack.
    "Alright, all we need is a lookout and a cabin boy." I said. I found a boy and a dad sitting down at the edge of the dock, their bare feet hanging off the side of the dock in the water.
    "Hey. What's wrong?" I said as I looked at their depressed faces. The boy was crying.
    "Oh, it's horrible. My wife got killed and my house got burned down by the EITC. Me and my son barely escaped. Now we are homeless and hungry" The man said unhappily.
    "That's awful! If you joined our crew, we would feed you and get you back into shape again." I said.
    "That would be great." He said.
    "You sure you're up to it? You would have to be a lookout and your son would have to be a cabin boy." I told them.
    "Oh, it's fine. I was a pirate lookout before I got married, and my son always helped around the house." He replied.
    "Cool. What's your names?"
    "I'm Johnathan Hallaway and this is my son, Eddy Hallaway." Johnathan answered.
    "Okay, come with us." I said. We all went back to the house. We all ate dinner. After dinner I wiped up Eddy's tears, then I called a crew meeting. Everyone sat on the couch, and I stood up in front of them.
    "Okay, now that we are settled, let's make sure we have everyone." I took out my board. I looked it over. " Let's see.. I am the captain, James is the first mate, Luke and S are fighters, Johnathan is the lookout, and Eddy is the cabin boy. Perfect." I said. " Now, while I am out buying the ship, I would like you all to sit tight and get ready to look at the amazing vessel." I said. I walked out the door and went to the shipwright. I looked at O'malley, the shipwright.
    "How can I help you today?" He asked, with a cheerful smile on his face.
    "Hello, I am here to buy a ship." I said.
    "Okay, here's the deal. We have 9 different types of ships, and 3 different classes. Every class is a light, regular, and war type of the ship. The higher type the ship, the better it is. There are three different classes: Sloop, Galleon, and Frigate. The Sloop class is fast, light, and good for scouting, but it is very weak. the galleon class is big, mighty, has the strongest armor, and can carry the most cargo, but is very slow and vulernable. The frigate class is my most reccomended class. It has the most cannons, carries a good amount of cargo, and packs the most powerful firepower." He explained.
    "How much does the war frigate cost?" I asked.
    "60,000 gold pieces." He said.
    "Wow, that's pricey, but I can afford it, so I'll take it." I said.
    "Wise choice. What would you like to name your ship?" He asked.
    "The Caribbean Survivor." I said.
    "Nice name. I will keep your ship here and just come over to me whenever you need to use it." He said to me. I handed him the money and I waved to him. When I got back to the house, I had great news to share.
    "We have got ourselves a war frigate!" I shouted. Everyone yelled with hapiness. I truly was a captain, now.
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    lovin da story keep it up :p
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    Nice job with the plot
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    Very nice story I liked the begginning very strong start
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    Thanks, I am actually an author, so I figured one day I would take a crack at writing a pirate story, one chapter at a time.
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    Chapter X Ocean Wars Pt 1/3 Soul Seeker Battle

    Our crew has had a war frigate for weeks. We were masters of war at sea. We could not be stopped. These are the lv changes we had earned:
    Cpatain Pivot: Sailing lv 18 Cannon lv 16 - Sailing lv 23 Cannon lv 22
    James Calvirlynn: Sailing lv 16 cannon lv 18 - Sailing lv 18 Cannon lv 21
    Luke Castillo: Sailing lv 12 Cannon lv 19 - Sailing lv 16 Cannon lv 23
    S: Sailing lv 21 Cannon lv 24 - Sailing lv 24 Cannon lv 25
    Eddy Hallaway: Sailing lv 18 Cannon lv 14 - Sailing lv 18 Cannon lv 20
    Johnathan Hallaway: Sailing lv 20 Cannon lv 20 - Sailing lv 21 Cannon lv 25
    I sailed behind padres del fuego. Everyone was at a cannon on the starboard side. I spotted a new enemy.
    "Hey.. I haven't seen that enemy before." I said.
    "Me either, and I'm the most experienced at ships here.." S muttered. We looked at her. I wanted to call her on that statement, but I decided against it.
    "Johnathan, get a closer look. Give us a description on what the ships features are!" I called up to our lookout. He looked through his telescope.
    "It has teared sails, 22 cannons, and it's.. huge." he said.
    "I'm going in." I said. I got closer. It was the biggest ship I had ever seen in my life. It was a ghost ship. On the hull it said Soul Seeker. It saw us and came at us at an amazing speed. 22 knots! It started shooting numerous amounts of fury at us. I used the take cover manuever.
    "Use fury and blast away!" I ordered. It destroyed our right hull right away. I drove the ship into the opposite direction and started panicking. I zoomed as fast as the ship could go. It was still following us, but at a slower speed. I got as far as possible.
    "Switch to thunderbolt and shoot it!" I ordered. They missed a lot of times, and finally S hit. Then everyone started hitting it. It's hull was quarter of the way taken out before it came near enough to be on the compass. I found out why it was so fast. It had about 9 masts.
    "Now switch to chain shot and destroy the hulls!" I ordered. They all hit right away. It was a pain taking out the masts, too. I started backing the ship up to gain some distance. As it came toward us at its calm speed, I was backing away. We continued to shoot it. For some reason, it wasn't shooting back, even though it had some front cannons.
    "Why is the ship so calm with us??" James asked.
    "I don't know, but I'm starting to wonder.." I said. We broke 3 masts by 7 minutes. It still wasn't shooting. 7 minutes later, we had destroyed 4 more masts. 2 more left. All of a sudden, the ship stopped. We kept shooting the masts. As soon as all the masts had fallen, something strange happened. They shot some sort of light-filled blast. It was green, and shot through the sky in four different directions. We didn't like the looks of that. We continued to shoot the hull with fury. Right before it died, we saw the flash again. We eventually destroyed all the hull, but it didn't sink. We found out it was a flag ship. We went up to it. We saw nobody on it. We wanted to see if we could find something on the ship, so we grappled it. We swung up to it with ropes and landed clean on the deck. All of a sudden, an army of skeletons came out. About 15 skeleton crewmates were ready to feast on our souls.
    ______________________________________________________________________________Don't forget to check out pt 2 of this chapter, where we fight what may be the deadliest crew the high seas has to offer.
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    Ahoy, more chapters to come!
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    Epic Story dude nice!!
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    that's a lot o.o but good story
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    Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry I haven't posted a chapter in a while, I have been working on my other story, "The Legend of Eric Guneagle." You will find all of my current writing in that thread.
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    this is.........awesome
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    Chapter X Ocean Wars Pt 2/3 Soul Seeker Crew
    Me and the crew all put our backs together. Me and James were facing front, S was facing west, Eddy and John were facing right, and Luke was facing south. There were ghost skeletons all around us. Each opponent looked like this:
    1-2064762-4218-t.jpg The captain used a sword I had recognized. It was our captain's dream sword. What he wanted most in the world. It was a cursed sword known as the Blade of Judgement. It is the most powerful sword the universe could create. Only a true hero could claim this sword. This is what the captain was looking for. Legend had it that it remained on a sunken ship, guarded by a kraken. Little did anyone know it was guarded by an unknown source in uncharted waters. This was the time to honor my captain's wish. Legend also has it that if you find this sword, you get one wish. With this sword, I could wish the captain back to life. This was my destiny.

    The ghosts charged at us. It felt like we were fighting the navy crew again. Two ghosts came at me. Two was too much for me to handle. They both swung at me and I had a hard time dodging it. John shot the one on the left.
    "Thanks, John!" I yelled to him. He saluted, then went back to fighting. I still had one ghost attacking me, so I decided to continue fighting as well. It stabbed at me and I ducked under it. I did a blade storm and it died. When a ghost died, it turned into mist. One more ghost charged after me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the captain sitting at the corner, watching. I wondered why he wasn't fighting. I drew my attention back onto the ghost coming at me. He sweeped, and it hit me. I felt some blood dripping from my stomach. Pain shot up my body. I did a thrust and it quickly dissolved into nothingness. Most of the ghosts were dead now. Only 6 remained. Everyone had one ghost to fight. I fought a very tall ghost. He was so tall he had to swing his sword downward to hit me. That gave me an advantage. I crouched down and cut his legs off. He fell backwards, but he wasn't finished yet. He didn't fight anymore. I threw my sword in the air, jumped up to catch it, and stabbed him in his heart.. Well, where his heart is supposed to be... If he had one. He turned into mist and floated in the breeze. There were 3 ghosts left, excluding the captain. I went to help James fight a ghost, since he helped me. I took a pistol out and shot at the ghost. I missed, but it hit a ghost Luke was fighting. I took another shot and killed what I was aiming for. There was one ghost left. It was attacking Eddy. Eddy didn't know how to fight very well. He ran. I took aim and shot the ghost chasing him. Eddy stopped in his tracks. He was panting. The captain ghost came out of the corner. Its boney fingers were holding onto the Blade of Judgement. We all got ready to attack. I put away my pistol and took out my sword. I was ready for anything.. Except this. The ghost captain pointed his sword toward the moon. A ray of white light shot from the moon down to his sword. The sword had a white, glowing aura around it. The sword had a hilt made out of decayed bones. The blade was dark with spines. It glowed with power. The ghost captain pointed his sword at Luke and a blast of chaotic dark magic shot out of the sword. It hit Luke. He was blasted away about 10 feet, and he landed hard on the deck. Blood was splattered on the deck.
    "Luke!!!!" I screamed. I was so sad. I didn't know what to do. Luke had saved my life in the past, and I wasn't ready to let that go. I had to avenge him. He moved a little. He wasn't dead. He was just knocked away, and badly injured. I felt a little better.
    I looked over and saw the captain about to shoot another blast. I took out my gun and shot him. Everyone else suddenly took out their pistols and shot him. Over and over again.. With the crew ghosts, one shot killed them. With the captain, it was doing no affect. I remembered the captain telling us that long ranged weapons do not have an affect on a person with the Blade of Judgement in hand. I yelled it to everyone, and they took out swords and dived at the captain. The captain sweeped right before he died. He couldn't take all of the sword slashes. He turned into mist, but the sword dropped onto the deck. Everyone tried to pick up the sword, but the sword rejected them. I learned why it was called the Blade of Judgement. It judges who is the rightful owner of the sword. I picked up the sword. I hoped it would take me. Nothing happened for a second, but all of a sudden, the ray of light shot down. The energy ran through me. It felt extremely weird. The blade accepted me. It felt great. A thought ran through my head.
    The sword has accepted you. Speak your one wish. Your desire.
    I cleared my throat, then shouted to the sky.
    "I wish Captain Thayer was back to life, and with us!" I shouted.
    Your wish shall be granted.
    Another white ray of light shot down. Mist appeared, and I couldn't see anything. When the mist went away, I saw Captain Thayer.
    "Captain.." I said. "Welcome back."
    "Pivot, you have shown me what you are truly capable of. You are no longer my regular crewmate. You are officially my co captain." He said to me.
    "Captain, I am honored.. Take the sword."
    "No, Pivot. You are the sword's rightful owner. It is yours." He told me.
    "Thank you so much." I said.
    "With pleasure." He said to me. "Now let's get out of here. This place is depressing." He said.
    We swung to our ship. We sailed away and watched the Soul Seeker sink. As we were sailing away, we saw two skeleton ships closing on us. Then I realized what that green blast was; It was a help signal.
    "I knew that was too easy to be true..." I said.
    To Be Continued...
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    i shared this link on many things to my friends and everything telling them it was epic, love the story its extremely long and i like it how you could just make in never ending 0-0 KEEP THE STORY GOING!!!
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