Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
Caturday is possibly the best day of all times.... And it's even better because it's the cat version of SATURDAY. Caturday is a day when everyone is supposed to post lolcats. If you do not post lolcats, then it is said that you have not lived. Caturday is one of the memes. These are the basics of the lolcat world. (Thought lolcats were just cats with caption glued to them, didn't ya??)
Types of LoLcat
The basic TYPES of LoLcat are:
Religious (Fake religion, it's called Caturday also)
LoLcat Memes
LoLcat memes:
CeilingCat (kind of like a god)
BasementCat (kind of like a demon)
LongCat (Hero)
Tacgnol (Villain)
Monorail Cat (train cat)
If you're gonna look up lolcats, please make sure to have your search engine on safe :eek:
One of my fave LoLcats:

Real pop-tart nyan rainbow cat.
And if you know your cats, you know the owner of this cat is about to be dead. Cat wants cheezbrgr not poptart.

LoLspeak is the language of the LoLcat world. Translation:' Lolspeek iz teh layngwige uf teh LoLkitteh urfs. An stuffs'. In this language, you have to misspell all words. a certain way. 'Tis not easy, not at all. And an over-use of 'an stufs' and 'Srsly' is good. LoLspeak is actually an offical language, though nobody speaks it.
The Holy LoLbible is the Christian Bible but in LoLspeak. It is NOT a real Bible. Unless you're a cat. Ceiling Cat is the god, Basement Cat is the devil.

Well this is the basics of LoLcat, figure the rest out by yourself. lol.