Captain Star

Posted by Bargain Billy on June 30, 2018, midnight

Mates, what a fine surprise I have for you today! My “supplier” happened to “procure” a very large shipment of Chinese fireworks bound for the colonies up north… erm unfavorable winds you see. The ship just couldn't make it, savvy?

While we pirates never need an excuse to have a party, we decided there be no better time to celebrate our independence
and freedom than the present with a week of fireworks!

Ye can go to the docks of Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres del Fuego at the top of every hour from June 30th to July 6th
to see the fireworks show -- it’s a grand spectacle for sure!

And for this week only, ye can pick up a special outfit from any peddler.
I think it looks quite bold with all the red and blue on it! That's not the only new surprise we peddlers have in store for this month,
but you’ll have to wait for the others!


Oh an’ if ye go to Tortuga… be careful around Davy Doubloon. He's been seen flippin’ a sword and actin’ a bit crotchety
ever since he had to give a thief what-for not too long ago. Haha!

Hoist yer colors, raise a tankard of grog and toast yer freedom as pirates mates!
Take what ye can, give nothin’ back!