Change in Broadside Mechanics?


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A friend of mine has recently noticed a change in broadside mechanics. Although they can not truly confirm it was this update, there is definitely a change in the way a broadside will hit an enemy ship. The new broadsides would sometimes not properly lock onto a target, even if the target was not moving and was not aggroed. Seriously, you should be able to one shot a Navy Panther while it's sitting dead still on the water.

My friend thinks its due to the sway of the broadside cannonballs. At first, I really didn't see it, but after looking at some footage, I can see it. Way back before the change, broadsides used to fire in a straight, horizontal line when it targeted a ship. Now, it seems as if broadsides fire in a circular pattern. Sometimes, broadside cannonballs can cross each other before delivery. This may mean that some cannonballs will hit the deck of the enemy ship and will not register. This especially affects copperhead ships that have a low chance of explosive cannonballs.

Here's a few videos of the original broadside pattern. Notice how straight the broadside fires.

You might have to play this one at 0.25 speed.

Now here's a video of the circular pattern.

And the crossing broadsides.

A frame look at it.

Anyone experienced this too?


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I have had this issue since I have first played, not sure if it was a bug or something either. Annoying when you try and shoot a ship on the right side and your right cannons shoot, through your own ship, to the left. Then you think you hit the wrong button so you try again and shoot both shots away from your target. Very annoying. I doubt this will be changed, I have already asked, as well as suggested an easy fix, and I am always told I just dont understand how the game works and that I am an idiot who should stop playing the game. Trust me though, players in the actual game seem to be cooler than most on the forums, so dont let this put you off from the game, really just go and enjoy the game however you can.

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It looks like a matter of how the broadsides are aiming rather than traveling in a straight line vs. at an arch. It might have something to do with how the broadside is targeting the enemy ship, it being too close to the middle or stern, causing broadsides to often miss. I noticed how the video with the 'straighter' broadsides were aiming themselves almost in front of the enemy ship, which allowed every cannonball to hit in comparison to the other videos, which were aiming at still ships directly in the middle. Perhaps that 'crosshair' was shifted between updates at some point? I haven't gone sailing in quite awhile so I don't have any first-hand experience in this yet.

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...I have already asked, as well as suggested an easy fix, and I am always told I just dont understand how the game works and that I am an idiot...
You are no idiot for asking. Asking, and/or presenting something, means you only care to bring it up. The judgment of being labeled an "idiot" is the one whom does just the opposite (and accepts everything 'as is' without question nor proper reflection).


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My broadsides have a Mind of their own , they hit where they want to not the direction I aim !! Too often they shoot directly out the aft !! Even though the ship Intend Is dead Still directly T - boned ! Potco aiming was Not like this by far ! I've Mastered plenty of pirates to know how they should work ! If this Is how they where meant to work then Disney really had them bugged for the duration on them and I'm an Idiot also !!


Broadsides have been finnicky for me to say the least. Sometimes, I'll shoot and the broadsides will track where the target is, be it forward or backward. Sometimes, it'll shoot like a blunderbuss and completely miss a target close by.