Christopher Cannnonskull

I started at lvl 1 just like everyone else and met a guy named george gunstealer and he was the GM of the gunstealers were as close as brothers then some things happened and i had to leave his guild and i joined the Corsair covenant and i was with them for a very long time until people started fighting and the co attacked the corsairs we banded together and beat the co i got test around that time i spent 3 days on test and when i logged back on i learned that the co had broken into 3 different guilds and i was like wow..... and then i left the corsairs do to fighting on the inside and joined diablos unleased everyone hated me in that guild so i left them and joined spania i liked spania alot until eliza holt had to ruin everything then i left spania and made my own guild the Jumpers Of Chaos and thats all i have to my story.
Thanks for the story Christopher. I have been guilds where they start fighting among each other myself. Glad to see that that kind of dram is pretty much non-existent in Spania
I'm not sure if it's the same guild, but if so I almost online married your old gm. But we decided not to, but were keeping our kids edward and li.
I like Spania so much my last guild was terrible. It was the tessas terrors and there were so many rules like no pvp and apparently your not allowed to hang with friends. I did and I got an ear full from the gm, but while she talked I just left and made a sandwich and get a drink:drink:. So glad I'm in a guild that has no drama at all my gm started arguments with everyone.