Claim the Haymaker! (05/26/11)

Jason Ironskull

Site Founder

Stranger tides have brought new and deadly challenges to the Caribbean...
Arm your Pirate and take aim with the trusty Haymaker Pistol today!

Just redeem the special code: haymaker

And there’s still time to arm yourself with Blackbeard’s sword and its mysterious power of Triton’s Vengeance! To redeem the Sword of Triton, click here.

For help on redeeming in game codes, click here.

The Haymaker Pistol can be redeemed by both Basic and Unlimited Access Members. However, only Unlimited Members can equip the weapon and its point-blank shot.

Upgrade to Unlimited Access

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
they need more weapon slots before they give new weapons out... my LEVEL THREE has full weapons -_-
i had to sell my famed dolls to make room for famed swords on my test pirate..

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
um... if this isnt going anywhere with updates i wont get it but it depends how is this thing so special when i can find about 2,000 others that are better

Tom O'fury

Notorious Pirate
Disney has been giving out free unlimited access to new members. This is a way to get their interest going i'm assuming this is to help get some new members get interested in playing Pirates Online.


Site Founder
Is this some kind of trick again? :confused: Kind of like the sword of Triton ... I've sold mine to make room, then I "frantically" re-redeemed it last Sunday since it had something to do with QAR (luckily I could still redeem it). But if this pistol has nothing to do with any quest or story, I'd eventually sell it.

Captain Hi

Pirate Lord
I think this is only a show and tell item because Jack Sparrow uses the same type of pistol apparently.
it clearly never mentions that and so we can not know for sure but it is assumed as i also assumed it or else why would it be a code item however as already stated it could just be something to appeal to the new guys ive seen alot of them around lately a bunch swarmed me in svs the other day and by making this item unlimited access it allows them a better chance at more money i believe that this is all adds but this game needs new players and maybe just maybe with more money the updates could go faster and more could be coming (highly unlikely considering the past) but because it has not mentioned anything about it being used for something else it has a good chance of just being an add and nothing else though this makes all of us higher lvl ppl with the better weapons look as if we have just been cheated because this item is useless to us