Closed For Maint. Again

I had to update to go on I hope the new clothes are here and I hope the clothes are good if there not I'm gonna be like darn I waited for nothing back to darkhart.
hmmm i was just on lem me check ( after trying ) yep down i wonder what they are going to put in i hope they dont fix the potion glitch
The potion glitch is not fixed in tonights update. The new boss on Raven's now drops throwing knives, and fixes some crashing bugs.
Yes he does WOOT. Got some famed already!!! But, test is eekkk BROKE! everything froze.
EDIT (Dec 22, 2010 10:51 AM):
how did that get so big. hmmm, i pushed something. oh well, sorry about that big font. Hit him hard and early! He will be a busy guy to fight! But, now at least it is worthwhile! So have some fun with Smasho...I did.

(sorry Davy I couldn't reply, lives depended on me doll, lol and it was not a pretty sight in there)
That is not a good time for them to close for mainenance, why not during the middle of the night, sorry guys, on european time,...i was sailing and was booted thinking, ok, now what happened,....:confused: