Ahoy, pirates and fellow guildmates!

Since the early years of POTCO, guilds have played a key role in the community. And behind every guild is an amazing Guildmaster working hard for their members, veterans, and officers.

Over the years, we have noticed many guilds incorporating a hierarchical structure of leadership. Delegating various roles to certain outstanding members. But there has always been one huge problem, whether another member is recognized as a lead member, there has never been a way to delegate some Guildmaster powers to another member in a guild... until now.

Today, we’re going to spotlight the new rank of CO-GUILDMASTER from our recent update.

Co-GMs will be able to manage many different aspects of the guild. In many ways, they function like the lead Guildmaster. They are able to promote and demote people to and from the rank of Officer and can kick players from the guild without a daily limit. However, they will not be able to either name a new GM or submit a guild name for review.

Some additional changes have been made to guild functions as well. For many years, going back to the Disney days, the code invite system has been abused. Players have used it to force themselves into a guild over and over. We have made some changes to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Firstly, Veterans can no longer generate codes of any kind. Officers can now only generate limited invite codes. Unlimited codes are now reserved for the Guildmaster and Co-GMs. Co-GMs also have the ability to clear the guild’s active invite codes.

In addition to these changes, we’ve reduced the maximum number of uses on limited invite codes from 100 to 20, once again to prevent abuse.

Be sure to give us feedback on this new guild rank and changes in the comments below! We’d love to hear what you think.

Fair winds!

~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online