Coming Soon ... New Residents Setting Up Shop

Hector Scurvybones

Site Founder
When Pirates have it all, what else do they want? The answer is simple, they want a little less MORE!
New merchants are setting up shop and that means you'll soon have a chance to get your grubby Pirate fingers on some of the finest threads ever to be plundered. These merchants are no slouch tailors. They've worked countless hours to questionably rightfully take what others have made and will soon be offering you the once in a lifetime opportunity to buy it from them. Aren't you the lucky one?
Start saving those gold coins as these merchants are hard at raiding work to provide you with matching ensembles. Pay no mind if some of the clothes are a little soggy on delivery. Afterall, it's tough to throw a crate of goods from ship to ship while being chased by pesky guards. After all, a merchants goal is to keep their inventory freshly stocked so expect rotating selections and start making room for some great new stolen goods ... err ... threads!
Merchant's clothing are of the Rare variety
Are you serious! Yea, its like, i have $150,000, to spend, only a level 3 sailing, so cant buy a ship, so i cant wait to go clothes shopping! Or lets see what else can i spend the money on, we cant buy famed weapons, right? Already have highest level in sword, gun, doll almost there, so what is left to spend our money on? Any ideas? (oh, and i won it all in poker, anyone for a game of poker?):rolleyes: