Congratulations to the ETC's Newest Officers and Veterans


Wiki Staff
The Officer Corps of the ETC met last night. Part of that meeting was the promotion of several members to the rank of Petty Officer and three Petty Officers to the rank of full officer.

Congratulations to you all for your continued efforts. Your new rank will take affect tonight.

Promotion to Full Officer
  • Ella Storm
  • Jade Truemenace
  • Mythical Wolf

Promotions to Veteran
  • Davy Bluefoote
  • Joshua Coalskull
  • Lesvi
  • Oloeopia
  • Tobias O'Dougal

To those who continue to be assets to this guild and as of yet, not been recognized for promotion - know that your fellow members and the officer corps appreciate your continued efforts and we look forward to when we can honor you as well.


Wiki Staff
Last night, the members of the ETC Officer Corp. gathered to nominate and vote the next selection of Petty Officers (Veterans).

The following mates have been promoted and now have the ability to recruit new members:
  • Maya Goldmartin
  • Morgan LeFay
  • Rogue
Looking forward to more great things from you mates in the future. You've been true assets to this company.