Contest: Best Screenshot Of The Month

Will Nightwolf

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I want you guys to post your screenshots here and I will choose the best screenshot of the month. Title your picture and add a short description if possible also keep all posts appropriate and non offensive.
Rules: No previous entries will be considered for monthly winner. Any photo to be considered for winner must be posted in this particular forum.
EDIT (Oct 24, 2010 4:32 AM):
Winner of the week: What the bleep pg 5
2nd place: Spanias mexican standoff pg 5
Freeze: I was frozen in mid air while attackin a skeleton during moon curse.
Wow very nice shot
I have trouble with uploading pics so i won't be able to post any :/
No I didnt! I did freeze him twice but I was unable to capture it. I think this might be someone else's freeze... kind of hard to tell. He also seems to shrink while frozen.
That is a great screen shot! I have never had him jump up on the roof like that! He looks like one of those creatures from the movie Alien with that skeletal smile on his face and with his sword curving around your character like that. Your also pretty much equaled out in health points. With that sword you got I think we all know how it ended for him... crystal blue and shrunken down and then shattered into a thousand pieces on the Great shot!