Contest: Clowning Around

Will Nightwolf

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CONTEST: Newest Contest Clowning Around
New contest were contestants will post pics of them in a funny outfit that is clownlike. The winner will be choosen by you pirates. I will give you a warning 1 week before voting ends and 1 week before no more entries are allowed. P.s. any votes or entries that are past the deadline or don't meet the requirments will not count and you could be disqualified.
-Must be wearing Blue Red Party Hat
-No more than 2 entries per person
-No more than 2 votes per person
-No talking in your pic
-No potions/weapons
-No voting for your self
-No insults allowed
Voting Starts Soon Early Vote's Won't Count
Will White Entry #1
Nice pic nell everyone be sure to participate. If you need a hat I will gladly help you defeat the ghost and get the hat like when I helped Meghan[I think it was Megh not sure though]
Thankx be sure to enter also
New pirate clothes wich are soon to come out may not count in this contest I am still deciding, but I want to see them before I decide also all new party hats will count that is a promise idk about other clothes though.
Thats a good pic but yup weapons dont count ps be sure to enter this contest if you can read this thread you can enter this thread if not I will find you.:skullpeak: