Count to 10 Before...

Hey guys! This is a popular game from another forum I've been on.
Count to 10 Before a Staff Member posts!!

  • You may only post once every 5 posts.
  • If you are waiting for the 5 posts interval between your posts on a forum game thread and have waited 3 days without being able to post, you may break the 5 post rule and reply to the game thread.
  • Staff MAY NOT "puppy guard" the thread.
  • Do not skip numbers. You must count evenly.
  • When a staff member posts, they start the counter over at 0.
  • Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted, no questions asked.

Staff include: Forum Mods, Moderators, Lead Mods, and Administrators.

Feel free to even go OVER 10! See how far you can get!


Person 1: 1
Person 2: 2
Person 3 : 3
Person 4: 1

And so on.

I'll start... Um... *points to Admin tag*


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