Request Crash Reports Thread


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Sorry if this is a topic somewhere already but I have a suggestion and was wanting some dev input. Is there an area in here (or could there be) where we can just submit crash reports every time they happen for you devs, rather then emailing.. and on a further note, would you want a crash report every time the game crashes for a pirate or just specific occasions (i.e. during battles, loading screens, sailing.. etc)?


Kate Goldwalker

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@Davy Darkrage and @loblao should be able to answer any questions about if this is possible. I'm sure it is hectic to go through emails with crash reports, so the idea of being able to share them here vs email is a good one. Davy would know if the files could be uploaded on the forums either in a thread or pm. loblao would know if there could be any security issues with posting crash reports to a thread.
Game logs can already be attached to the forums just fine. I'm not sure if a general dumping ground for them would be a good idea though, they'd likely just wind up in big messy pile that becomes impractical to sort through. If the developers need to get their hands on a large pool of logs to track down a particular issue, they'd likely publish an announcement requesting logs from users experiencing that issue.

To the best of my knowledge, game logs don't contain sensitive information (usernames/passwords/chats), but they do contain some hardware information and things like that.


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Since the last update, when I dbl log, one of the always seems to crash.. right after killing :c, hopefully there will be a fix.