Credits for the ones who deserve :)


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If you enjoy your Forums header/banner months after months, there are two people who deserve the credits. I appreciated all your nice words, but I would not be able to have something done without the help of Basil Darkratte and Davy Darkrage!

Basil is the one who always supplies me with amazing screenshots and files for background and characters, which I cannot obtain by myself. He takes high resolution screenshots, on live and on test server, from Disney Potco website and phase files. Davy is the only one who can put the finishing product into action. And he is always very responsive no matter how busy he is. And both of them provide me with valuable feedback to make it what you all would have wanted to see them on here.

Thank you, Basil and Davy! We appreciate you very much! :D

Please post below if you have something to say to those guys who have worked hard behind the scene, especially for the Forums' banner! And I thank all of you for your participations. You could also post suggestions here, but ... bear in mind that sometimes we are limited on what we could do by the materials that we have. :)

Rose Sunslipper

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I was shocked when I refreshed my page because I was like, "Who's those creepers up there? O_O"

but it looks eeeeeepppppppppppiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccc.