Crew Of 8 Spania Defeat Jolly Roger Sunday Nite

Captian Morgan Kid

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tonight i hosted an invasion at port royal. i must admit i was a bit woried because their was only 11 spania online and 3 of those were afk. not good odds for an invasion. but then something happened that made me feel a whole lot better.

it was davy and nick. they were all dressed up for a party and jolly and his army hadn't even showed up yet! this sent a message to me that we would indeed defeat the evil army.

well with pirates like ally, arabian beauty, misty moonlight, nell wildscarlett, nick, will nightwolf and davy darkrage, ya just can't lose! we had 4 pirates at each beach. don't get me wrong, it wasn't a cake walk, but by helping fallen comrads and team work this crew pulled it off. long live spania!
Nice,. but,. i ever see one ppl doing solo invasion,. and still had 3 barricade.. and that crazy pirates is Edward Edgemenace,. LOL.. i only help him killing Jolly, rest is him !!!..
I know I dropped into Tortuga once with just one guy finishing up Jolly. He had to run between the two beaches...and he survived somehow. O.O
WTG, Captain Kid, I was with Capt Blacksheep just the other day for an invasion on Del Fuego, there were only a few of us, i thought we were toast for sure, but was the first time I actually ever saw Jolly die, i was in shock! I always heard him retreat, but think it was a blunderbuss, that did him in! If only we had a screen shot, sigh. i kept saying did you see that Capt, did you see that? He said, yes i saw that. :excited::woot: