Idea Custom Pirate Flags and Various Ship Customization Ideas

We all know that the infamous pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy had their own personalized and unique flags that they would fly. At some point in time do you think that our pirates may be able to do so too?

- Could there be the possibility of personal figureheads, or maybe earning figureheads through achievements?
- Have the ship's name inserted on the stern?
- Ability to change the hull's coloration, regardless of class?

Edward Stormbreaker

Honorable Pirate
It's unrealistic so I'm not hoping for it, but I wish every ship automatically got its own figurehead based on your ship's name. For example, I have a ship called Golden Mermaid, so ships with this name would get a solid gold mermaid as a figurehead. I have another ship called Storm Cutter, which would get a sharp lightning bolt as a figurehead. Obviously there are too many name combinations for this to be added any time soon even if the devs wanted to, but it would be pretty awesome imo.
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Pirate Lord
OK, me thinks maybe some sort of file could be created by each pirate and sent over to the devs (sorry devs, as if you didn't have enough to do) where each pirate makes customizations to their ships, etc, and once approved, gets loaded into the system during updates, etc.
Those that want to do it can make it happen on their own computers on say photo editor or whatever and then the devs won't have to worry too much about it.