Davy Bluekidd Spotlight Interview

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    Isaiah Ropeswine: Ahoy Youtube!
    Isaiah Ropeswine: I'm here with Davy Bluekidd of the Emerald Regiment guild.
    Davy Bluekidd: Hey
    Isaiah Ropeswine: Today we will be doing a spotlight interview.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: Lets Get Started.
    Davy Bluekidd: agrees.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: So Davy, when did you start playing this game?
    Davy Bluekidd: Back in the early stages, Beta 1.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: What differs in this game from when you started playing and now?
    Davy Bluekidd: A lot.
    Davy Bluekidd: Probably the biggest way is the way we launch ships.
    Davy Bluekidd: Before you could launch a ship without the loading screen.
    Davy Bluekidd: Launch it right off the dock, hop on and go.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: Do you play this game daily? If not, why so?
    Davy Bluekidd: I used too, and then I got busy.
    Davy Bluekidd: I only play on the weekends now.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: What guilds have you united with since starting this game?
    Davy Bluekidd: A lot of guilds.
    Davy Bluekidd: I dont remember a ton.
    Davy Bluekidd: But the guilds that stood out the most are Spania, Eternal Warlords, and Emerald Regiment.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: What is your favorite part about a guild?
    Davy Bluekidd: Just chatting with them and having fun.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: I see you're a Lieutenant in SVS, do you like SVS?
    Davy Bluekidd: Yes I do.
    Davy Bluekidd: I dont play SVS a ton, but I like it when I do.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: If you could go back and change something you did in this game, what would it be?
    Davy Bluekidd: I would have to say, The Islands.
    Davy Bluekidd: I miss the old Islands.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: What Future updates are you looking forward to?
    Davy Bluekidd: I hope for the Craken and Blackbeard.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: What do you think about the rumors about of a Trading system coming soon?
    Davy Bluekidd: I hope for a Trading system.
    Davy Bluekidd: I believe it would be useful and fun.
    Isaiah Ropeswine: Well, I'm afraid we are out of time. Thank you for being here Davy! Its been a great pleasure.
    Davy Bluekidd: Thanks Isaiah, a pleasure just to be here.
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    Why did you two keep on scratching yer heads? Got head lice or something ... :p ... Jk ...

    Great interview, Isaiah! I didn't even know who Davy was, but inviting ppl that some of us don't know is a good thing. First of all, to get to know him/her better, and secondly, they might have some interesting views that we all need and would like to know! Great job, as always!
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    Oops forgot to add the script, it's up now.
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    Cool dude can't wait to see who is next!!!!!!!!! ;)

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