Glitch  Davy Jones Locker Glitch


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haha ty Corey i was wondering where that place was and how you would get there...ops i have been there..
Molly. I LOVE your outfit! :excited:
EDIT (Jan 10, 2011 at 7:00 AM):
Corey asked me to come ... but when I did, he couldn't see me. screenshot_2011-01-02_16-58-19.jpg
Then he showed me how to get there ... if we did it without tp-ing, now we could see everybody. screenshot_2011-01-02_17-19-41.jpg
Strangely enough, the ghost followed me here. I thought we were untouchable, I thought we couldn't get killed on a glitch, but I guess I was wrong! Obviously ghost could get anywhere ... screenshot_2011-01-02_19-03-50.jpg
Hopeless ... nobody knew Mullet and I were here, so nobody would help us :( screenshot_2011-01-02_19-04-22.jpg
Live and learn: next time I go somewhere by myself, I'll make sure that I let somebody know where I'm going!
I guess I could have used 'whisper' to ask for help ... :confused:

Emily Waveprint

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One of my friends was at the caves and he told me to go to him and he was in that glitch and I couldnt see him or something lol


Hey i did that alot i mean a ton! i would shoot foulberto like no tomorrow ( there is not tormorrow for him ) !