Glitch  Davy Jones Locker Glitch


Pirate Lord
screenshot_2011-01-02_16-02-23.JPG screenshot_2011-01-02_16-02-13.JPG you can do this glitch in the cave of lost souls. by going to the area were the ghosts are and running into the right side of the second wooden brace and you will fall down into davy jones locker.
haha ty Corey i was wondering where that place was and how you would get there...ops i have been there..

Molly. I LOVE your outfit! :excited:
EDIT (Jan 10, 2011 at 7:00 AM):
Corey asked me to come ... but when I did, he couldn't see me. screenshot_2011-01-02_16-58-19.jpg
Then he showed me how to get there ... if we did it without tp-ing, now we could see everybody. screenshot_2011-01-02_17-19-41.jpg
Strangely enough, the ghost followed me here. I thought we were untouchable, I thought we couldn't get killed on a glitch, but I guess I was wrong! Obviously ghost could get anywhere ... screenshot_2011-01-02_19-03-50.jpg
Hopeless ... nobody knew Mullet and I were here, so nobody would help us :( screenshot_2011-01-02_19-04-22.jpg
Live and learn: next time I go somewhere by myself, I'll make sure that I let somebody know where I'm going!
I guess I could have used 'whisper' to ask for help ... :confused:
One of my friends was at the caves and he told me to go to him and he was in that glitch and I couldnt see him or something lol
Hey i did that alot i mean a ton! i would shoot foulberto like no tomorrow ( there is not tormorrow for him ) !