Ddo (dungeons And Dragons Online)

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Hey everyone, this is my DDO character Darjare Palatin the dwarf level 3 fighter. Go to http://www.ddo.com to install this awesome game (this takes a while). For all you LOTRO players DDO is made by the same company Turbine. When you can finally play go on the server Argonessen, and some of us can play together. Here are some pictures I took today from one of my adventures.

This is the character page.

And these are some of my characters moves.
And my personal favorite.

If you have any questions or comments just start a conversation with me.
This is something I will try out! I use to GM the original D&D when I was kid.... would spend hours at it so I really have to check it out. The game has changed completely since then of course. I am wonder if someplace in there is the keep on the boarderlands immortalized someplace. Over the years I have played countless games that have attempted to bring some kind of life to it and nothing has ever really been that good.... but this looks good.