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Recruiting Dead Air - Here it comes over the horizon

Discussion in 'TLOPO Guilds' started by DeadAir, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. DeadAir

    DeadAir Sea Legs

    Dec 6, 2017
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    Dead Air

    Ahoy my fellow pirates!

    Dead Air is a new guild recruiting respectful, honest, and kind pirates!
    We are striving to be the best guild across TLOPO, full of the best pirates around!
    No level Requirement
    We always have guild events set to go on Loot runs, leveling, and more!!

    We will make sure you have an enjoyable experience within the Dead Air Guild Community!

    Guilds main server: Sabada

    Secondary Server: Temprano

    Guild Invite Code: NZWY3863

    Here are a few rules Dead Air has required you to follow!
    • Respect everyone in the guild and all over TLOPO
    • No ***ual related conversations
    • No cussing or vulgar use of words
    • No harassing or trying to start relations with another pirate
    • Permission is required
      • Driving another pirates ship
      • Teleporting to guild Owner/Officers
      • To join a Mat run or Event
    • No talking bad about other guilds
    • Report any Bugs or other pirates doing any wrong

    GuildMaster Gary StormBlade
    Chandler NightHawk

    Ranks will be given out after time, I have too see who will dedicate themselves to make sure this is a good community and is making sure everyone has an amazing time!
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